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Since 2001 Has Only Bred One Animal Species. That Is the Axolotl. By Staying Focus On The Axolotl Helps Us To Improve The Axolotl’s Health, Longevity and Beauty. We Will Continue To Stay True To Our Mission.

tank2 is the World’s Best “All Axolotl Website” The Axolotl care instructions are complete, easy to understand, accurate and will not endanger the Axolotl’s life. We also explain the science behind our Axolotl care instructions.

Axolotls are now Extinct in the wild. The Mexican Government will not acknowledge the fact that the Axolotl are Extinct from the Wild. The reason why the Axolotl is Extinct was a man made problem; Water Pollution (Human Waste) found in the Water. Making the water safe and clean could have been done but the Mexican Government chose to do nothing to save the Axolotl For more information Click Here 

The Axolotl is also known as: Mexican Water Dragon.


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The Possession of Water Dragons – Axolotls is illegal in the State of California (CA) and New Jersey (NJ),                     New Mexico (NM) is a state we can not ship to because it is not legal to own an axolotl that was bred in anther state; also we do not ship to Hawaii because we do not have the necessary Hawaiian permit.


At we do not recommend that you use Sand or Gravel in your aquarium. Sand and Gravel is the number one killer of Water Dragons – Axolotls because they will eat it and they will die from eating it. If you eat a cup of Sand or Gravel every day, do you think you would have a Long Life? Probably not. Click here to see how to make a Safe Axolotl Tank

Get The Proper Information Before Getting Your Water Dragon
Tella May 30, 2017

I am a costumer of Philip Vena from and I got my beautiful water dragon in March. I was very happy with my water dragon but he was not happy with me. I made many mistakes with my water dragon because I chose to listen to people who call themselves “experts” on axolotls. I would study my axolotl carefully and noticed my axolotl would get ill a lot because I was following websites like All of the information posted on that site is posted by random axolotl owners and not actual professional breeders like Philip Vena himself. I highly encourage any axolotl owner to follow the proper care instructions on The breeder Philip Vena has had experience with these creatures since 2001. He’s bred hundreds of water dragons. He has high knowledge of these animals. I was thankful because he responded to a phone call a few days ago and saved my axolotl. gave me a lot of false information and I was stressing my poor axolotl out to death. I put filters and aeration tubes that were stressing my axolotl. I also over fed him. Philip helped me by explaining everything I had to do immediately to save my axolotl. Please learn from my mistakes. If you’re making any of these mistakes please check the care instructions on or call Philip Vena himself if the damage is too much.
I hope this can help somebody!

Everyone is an Axolotl Expert on the Internet?
An Axolotl expert, is now an ordinary person sitting at home, beaming Axolotl advice over the Internet to anyone who wants help. Thousands of such ordinary people have signed up to wear the label of online Axolotl Expert. Just because someone says something doesn’t mean it’s true. I see a lot of Axolotl questions being answered with wrong information being transmitted.

These online Axolotl Expert are participating in Web site that tries to match people who have questions with people who think they know the answers. Some of the information is harmless. But some of the information is completely wrong and wrong information can cause your Axolotl to die.

In a connected world, no-one can be called an Axolotl Expert, even me. The best way is to let the quality of the writing speak for itself. Is the sources credible? Is the language clear? These are things to look out for in digesting information. The easier it is for us to access information, but more important is to be more careful and critical when selecting information on the Internet.

How do I know that information on this website is correct?
We at have been breeding Water Dragons – Axolotl since 2001 and that is the only animal that we breed. The information that we state on this website is what we do and have been doing since 2001. We have tested everything that we recommend to you on this website.  For example we state that you can put two adults in a 10 gallon aquarium with no filter. You only need to remove any uneaten food and waste every day. We tested this by putting (qty 4) 12 inch adults in a 10 gallon aquarium and found that the (qty 4) Water Dragons – Axolotl could not build up enough Ammonia, Nitrate and Nitrite levels to harm the Water Dragons in the tank. These chemicals are coming from; Ammonia (cause by the Water Dragon’s Urine) and the Nitrate and Nitrite  (cause by the Water Dragon’s Waste and Rotting Food) that is in the water. For all you Nay Sayers, I say do the test yourself. You will see I am right.

If you do water changes the 1 per week you will be removing 90% of the Ammonia, Nitrite and Nitrite in your aquarium. If you do not do weekly water changes then the levels of Ammonia, Nitrite and Nitrite in your aquarium will reach levels that will kill your Water Dragon. So it very important that you do water changes 1 per week. Doing water changes each week will greatly extend the life of your Water Dragons.

Should I buy chemicals that will bring down the Ammonia levels in my tank?
No I do not recommend it. You only need to do a 90% Water Change 1 per week.

Why is a 20 gallon aquarium the wrong size?
You need to understand that the axolotl is an air breathing amphibian, and does not breed the water. The fish people believe that it’s a fish not an amphibian. The axolotl must make 72 trips for air every 24 hours. A 20 gallon aquarium is 24 inches high which makes the task of getting to the air much more difficult. A 10 gallon aquarium is only 12 inches high which is the perfect height for a full-size adult to easily come up for air. Water level is extremely important; I always use the example that a 24 inch high water level is like making a human being climb 3 flights of stairs for his next breath of air. That is why you often see Axolotls floating over perched at the highest point the tank. This is a visual signs that your axolotl is not happy with the water level.


What size aquarium should I buy?
Buy a New Aquarium (a new 10 gallon aquarium cost about $15.00 at Petco and Petsmart). Do not get a used aquarium because it may have Bacterial and Fungal Problems that will kill your Water Dragon – Axolotl. A 10 gallon aquarium is the right size for two adult Water Dragons and makes doing 90% water changes fast and easy. Water Dragons – Axolotl are not like fish that need a large space to swim in. About every 20 minutes a Water Dragon – Axolotl will come to the surface to get a breath of air, and a 10 gallon aquarium is the perfect height for the Water Dragon – Axolotl to breathe air because the water height is only 11 inches. The 10 gallon aquarium is 12 inches high and the water level is 1 inch below the top of the aquarium. When a Water Dragon – Axolotl is in a large aquarium, it now has to go anywhere from 24 inches on up to get a breath of air. It’s like you walking two to three flights of stair to get a breath of air. For a Juvenile Water Dragons – Axolotl that are still in the cannibalistic stage under 6 inches long, you will need to buy an aquarium partition (tank Divider). You can buy them at most tropical fish stores. It is better to have a low water level than to have a high water level.

Is it possible to buy too large of an aquarium for my Water Dragon – Axolotl?
Yes, I do not recommend large tanks, the ideal aquarium is a 10 gallons aquarium because it has the perfect height for a full size adult Water Dragon – Axolotl (10 to 12 inches long). A 10 gallon aquariums are easy to do 90% water changes one per week. If the aquarium is higher than 12 inches then it makes the Water Dragon – Axolotl go a long way to get a breath of air that he needs every 20 minutes.  I recommend that if your Water Dragon – Axolotl is 3 inches long then the water level should be at 3 inches high. This will make it easy for your Water Dragon – Axolotl to take a breath of air. For a full grown adult Water Dragons that are 10 to 12 inches long should have a water high at 10 to 12 inches high.

What is the best location for a Water Dragons – Axolotl tank?
When choosing a location for your Water Dragons – Axolotl tank you need to take into consideration some very important factors. First being that the water temperature must be from 57° to 68° any higher and your Water Dragons – Axolotl will die. You need to keep your tank away from direct sunlight; heat registers because they are a source of heat. Do not use a tank light because that is another source of heat. The perfect environment for your Water Dragons – Axolotl is a basement (below ground level) especially if it is not heated. If you do not have a basement; I would recommend that you use a non-contact laser thermometer to help you find the coldest location in your house, apartment, or dormitory. If you cannot maintain a temperature of below 72° degree then you need to buy an aquarium Water Chiller for a 10 gallon tank. Just Google “aquarium Water Chiller for a 10 gallon”.

Where can I buy a aquarium divider?
You can buy a aquarium divider at Petco and Petsmart, the cost about $12.

How high should I keep the water level in my tank?
Every 20 minutes a Water Dragon – Axolotl must take a breath of air. You need to make it easy for your Water Dragon – Axolotl to get a breath of air. Doing so will greatly improve the chance for a longer life. This is why we do not recommend large tanks/aquariums.

Size in inches of the Water Dragon        Water Level in inches      90% Water Changes Per Week
1 inches                                             We don’t sell babies                            We don’t sell babies

2 inches                                             We don’t sell babies                           We don’t sell babies

3 inches                                                 3 inches                                       (one) 90% Water Changes Per Week

4 inches                                                 4 inches                                       (one) 90% Water Changes Per Week

5 inches                                                  5 inches                                       (one) 90% Water Changes Per Week

6 inches                                                  6 inches                                       (one) 90% Water Changes Per Week

7 inches                                                  7 inches                                        (one) 90% Water Changes Per Week

8 inches                                                  8 inches                                       (one) 90% Water Changes Per Week

9 inches                                                  9 inches                                        (one) 90% Water Changes Per Week

10 inches                                                 10 inches                                     (one) 90% Water Changes Per Week

11 inches                                                  11 inches                                      (one) 90% Water Changes Per Week

12 inches                                                 12 inches                                     (one) 90% Water Changes Per Week

  • Do the Math, and you quickly understand why the Water Level is so important for a long life.
  • 1 trip for air for every 20 Minutes = 20 minutes divided into 60 minutes (1 hour) = 3 trips per hour
  • 3 trips x 24 hours = 72 trips for air in one day
  • 72 trips for air in one day x 365 day (1 year) = 26,280 trips for air in one year.
  • Average Life is 15 years x 26,280 = 394,200 trips for air
  • If you love your Water Dragon – Axolotl stop using high water levels…you are killing your Water Dragon – Axolotl

How do I schedule feeding and Water Changes?

Feed only 
3 days per week
90%  Water Change
 Water Change

What kind of thermometer should I buy?
There are three categories for thermometers that is; worse, good and best. The worse thermometer you can buy is to stick-on the aquarium thermometer. The stick-on thermometers are never accurate. A good thermometer is an aquarium mercury thermometer. But before you buy a mercury thermometer you need to compare all the mercury thermometers on the shelf. Buy only the thermometer that matches the greatest number showing the same temperature. The best thermometer you can buy is an infrared thermometer. An infrared thermometer is a non-contact thermometer that uses an infrared beam of light that tells you in real-time what the temperature is. Not only can you find out what your daily water temperature is, this is a great tool for finding the coldest place in any room to put your tank when the weather gets hot. By moving the aquarium lower to the floor you will get colder temperatures. Make sure your aquarium temperature is 68°F or below.

Is it okay to keep my Axolotl at a temperature of 72°F?
We don’t recommend that you keep your Axolotl at 72°F because it is the edge of the temperature range that a Axolotls can survive. It is like saying that a human can survive at a temperature of 120°F.  120°F is at the very edge of the temperature range humans can survive at and we will struggle to survive at 120°F. Humans that are sick, old and young will die at 120°F.

The best temperature for your Axolotl is 57° to 68°F. Also Axolotl are cold-blooded and can survive at temperatures just above freezing 33°F.

Can I use a river rock for the bottom of my tank?

Please don’t use River Rock on the bottom of your tank because any uneaten food and waste will hide underneath the River Rock and you will not be aware of it. The uneaten food and waste will reduce your water quality for your Axolotl – Water Dragon allowing the buildup Nitrates and Nitrites to dangerous high levels that will kill your Axolotl – Water Dragon.

I purchased qty 2 Water Dragons – Axolotl and they were both 3 inches long. Now I have one at 4 1/2 inches long and the other at 4 inches long, is there a problem?
No there is no problem. Your Juvenile are becoming young adults. The Female Water Dragon – Axolotl is bigger than the Male Water Dragons Axolotl. A Female at full size “12 inches long” will be 1 to 2 inches larger than the Male.

I would like the look of sand in my aquarium without the health problems associated with Water Dragons – Axolotls eating the sand?
The best way to have the look of sand in your aquarium is to put the aquarium on top of bed of sand. That will give you the look of sand without any of the dangers associated with sand.

How many Water Dragons – Axolotls can I have in a 10 gallon fish tank?
If you have an Adult Water Dragon – Axolotl you can have two Axolotls in a 10 gallon tank. Water Dragons are social animals so you need to have at least Qty 2 in a 10 gallon fish tank. If it is not possible to have Qty 2 Water Dragon then put a feeder fish in with your Water Dragon.

When they are adults it is okay to mix adult females and males Water Dragons – Axolotls together. Adult males Water Dragon – Axolotl should not be aggressive to other males or other females. Females have no problems with other females or males.

What kind of filter is best for a Water Dragon – Axolotl tank?
You do not need a filter if you do a 90% water change; 1 per week, also it is better not to have a filter because it will make a water current that will stress out your Water Dragon and it will die. It is better to change too much water than too little. By doing 90% water changes you are removing 90% of the Ammonia (cause by the Water Dragon – Axolotl Urine) in the water and you will be removing 90% of the Nitrate and Nitrite (cause by the Water Dragon – Axolotl Waste) that is in the water. If you do not do water changes the 1 per week then the Ammonia and Nitrite levels go too high and kill your Water Dragon – Axolotl. So it very important that you do water changes 1 per week. Doing water changes each week will greatly extend the life of your Water Dragons – Axolotl.

Does a Water Dragon – Axolotl dislike fast moving water?
It is better not to have a filter because it will make a water current that will stress out your Water Dragon and it will die. Water Dragons – Axolotls do not like fast moving water (water currents). This will cause stress to your Water Dragons – Axolotls and you will see evidence of this stress when your Water Dragon – Axolotl Tail starts to Curl.

How do prevent children from putting their hands in my aquarium so that chemicals that may be on their hands do not kill my Water Dragons – Axolotl?
We recommend that you take your aquarium to a Home Depot or Lowes and ask them to cut a glass top that will fit the tank. You will need a 1 inch gap at the back of the tank so your Water Dragons – Axolotl will be able to get fresh air and the water level must be 2 inches below the glass. You also can do the same using Plastic Wrap but it not to easy to reuse.

What about a Tank light?
Water Dragons – Axolotls do not need a tank light. We recommended that you do not use a tank light because it could be a possible source of heat. Also Water Dragons – Axolotl do not like bright lights. Make sure that your tank will not have any direct sun light through out the day. Also do not use any black light or UV light for long periods of time because it could damage your eyesight of your Water Dragons – Axolotl.

Do I need live plants?
You do not need to put plants in your tank if you do 90% water change once a week. Plants are used as biological filters to filter out ammonia and nitrates. Also plants require sand or gravel, and I do not recommend using sand or gravel in your aquarium because your Axolotl will eat the sand and gravel and die from eating it. Also by using plants you are blocking of path to the top of the aquarium where your Axolotl can go to get a breath of air. Axolotls take a breath of their every 20 minutes so in one day they take 72 trips for air each day. The easier you make getting air for your Axolotl the happier your Axolotl will be. recommends that you use plastic plants in your aquarium, that can be move for easy cleaning. See: how to make a Safe Axolotl tank Click Here.

Can I use floating plants?
No do not use floating plants in your tank. The Axolotl is and air breathing amphibian. The Axolotl has lungs like you and me to breath the air not the water. The Axolotl must go up for air every 20 minutes, all day and all night. Your Axolotl will make 72 trips for air per day. By using floating plants you are blocking the Axolotl from getting air. Also your Axolotl may get in entangled in the floating plants and die from drowning. If you love your Axolotl do not use floating plants.


What about a tank hood?
Water Dragons (Axolotls) do not need tank hood because their legs are incapable of climbing out of the tank. However it is a good idea to use a tank hood because it will be a barrier for things that could get in your tank.

Do I need a heater?
No you do not need a heater; room temperature should be fine as long as it does not go above 70°F. The temperature range for a Water Dragon (axolotl) is 57° to 68°F. Water Dragons like cold or temperatures rather than hot temperatures. Cold temperatures will just slow down the Water Dragon’s metabolism while high temperatures will cause stress to your Water Dragon.

What kind of Aquarium Net do I buy?
Buy a Super Soft Nylon Aquarium Net. For the 3 to 6 inch size Juveniles buy a 6 inch size net. For the 7 to 12 inch size Adults buy a 10 inch size. Make sure that you are buying a Super Soft Nylon Net, this net will help keep the slime coat on your Water Dragon. When netting your axolotl please take it slow so that you do not hurt your axolotl during the netting process. When netting your axolotl please take it slow so that you do not hurt your axolotl during the netting process.

Does a Water Dragon – Axolotl need a hiding place?
Water Dragons – Axolotls do need a hiding place. I use a PVC 4″ inch size pipe that has been cut in half the long way so that it is about 6″ inches long. I like using PVC pipe because there is no paint on it.

Can I use coral as a decoration inside my aquarium?
Please do not use any coral inside your aquarium. Your Water Dragon – Axolotl will cut itself on coral and you will have a medical issue you will have to treat. Coral decorations are meant for salt water aquarium not freshwater aquariums.

If I use Slate on the bottom of my aquarium will it hurt my Water Dragon’s Axolotl’s Feet?
For 11 years has used and recommend Slate to cover the bottom of our aquariums. We have found that Slate is Safe and will not hurt your Water Dragon’s feet. It is safe and will not kill your Water Dragon like Sand and Gravel does.

Does a glass bottom aquarium hurt the feet of my Axolotl?
A glass bottom aquarium will not hurt your Axolotl’s feet. However you do need to paint the outside bottom of the tank so that your Axolotl has a reference where the bottom of the tank is.

Do Water Dragons – Axolotls eat sand and gravel?
Yes your Water Dragons – Axolotl will eat sand, gravel and small river rock and they will die from eating it. If you eat a cup of sand or gravel every day, would you have a long life? Probably Not. Water Dragons – Axolotl will eat anything they can fit in their months. Also over time sand and gravel will clog up your drain. You can use Slate tile 12 ” x 12″ for under $2.00 each that you can buy at any Home Center. Go to how to make a Safe Axolotl tank Click Here.

You can also Paint the “outside” bottom of the tank any color you want and then that will be the color that you will see when you look inside your tank. Do not paint the inside of the tank. The paint colors you choose are important too. I like to use sand color paint. But it’s also important to have contrasting colors; if you have a dark color Water Dragon (black or brown) then you would want your paint color to be a light sand color. If you have light color Water Dragons (pink, gold, or white) then you would want a dark sand color. If you both light and dark color Water Dragons then you would want a paint color that is in the middle. Please remember only paint the outside bottom of your tank. You can also use sand on the bottom of the tank but it makes harder to do water changes because you will also siphon up the sand too. how to make a Safe Axolotl tank Click Here.

What is better than sand or gravel to use on the bottom of my tank? 
We recommend that you use Slate. To see how to make a Safe Axolotl tank Click Here. Slate is a natural stone that comes in many different colors. You can buy it at your local home center. You can also use Slate to make attractive terraces and hiding place in your tank. Just remember to remove any of the sharp edges on the Slate so that your Water Dragon – Axolotl can not get injure. By using Slate you can make a very attractive tank without the danger of your Water Dragon – Axolotl dying from eating gravel or too much sand. Using Slate will make cleaning your tank easier; when you siphon the waste and old food off the bottom of your tank, you will not siphon any sand or any gravel out of your tank.
When you use Slate to design the bottom of the tank you can include a terrace, Water Dragon – Axolotl hiding place and pots where the plastic plants will be put in. To glue your Slate together you will need to buy 100% silicone rubber sealant clear color; and make sure that it states on the back of the tube; that it is ”safe for food contact”. Sears sells DAP 100% Silicone Rubber Sealant that states on the back of the tube that it is “safe for food contact”. I recommend a drying time of 72 hours. You will also need to buy or rent a tile cutter to cut out your design. You can find them at your local Home Center. Make sure that there are no sharp edges that a Water Dragon – Axolotl can not get injure. When you are done with your design; you will have a great home for your Water Dragon- Axolotl. It will be very easy to clean and maintain. Your design will be very attractive too, without endangering the life of your Water Dragon – Axolotl, as sand and gravel do endanger the life of your Water Dragon – Axolotl if eaten.

Can I use Sand in my Water Dragon – Axolotl Tank?
We do not recommend that you use sand in your tank. Your Water Dragon – Axolotl will eat the sand and by doing so will endanger its life. If you eat a cup of sand every day, do you think you would have a long life? Probably not. This is why I do not use and or recommend it. Also over time sand can clog your drain when you are doing water changes. To see how to make a Safe Axolotl tank Click Here.

How do I clean my tank/aquarium?
Do not use any soaps to clean your tank, soap’s contain chemicals that will kill your Water Dragons- Axolotl. Just use clean water and a new plastic scouring pad. That is all that you need to clean a tank. If you are using a tank that had another animal in it, then you need to use regular bleach the tank to remove anything that may be harmful to your Water Dragon – Axolotl. Next give it a good rinse to get all the bleach out of the tank and your tank it is ready to use. Also do not use a or use a dirty towel to clean inside of your tank, use clean paper towels.

How to remove calcium build-up or hard water stains off my tank/aquarium?

How do I clean the driftwood?
What I recommend that you do is to put the driftwood in a “New Bucket” that has never had any chemicals in it like soap, etc. Then do 100% water change every day for a week, this will wash any chemicals that may be on the driftwood. Leave the chlorine in the water. By leaving the chlorine in your water it will kill any harmful bacteria that may also be on the driftwood.

If you cannot maintain at or below 68°F degrees;
If you cannot maintain a temperature at 57° to 68°F then you need to buy an aquarium
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