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Since 2001 Has Only Bred One Animal Species. That Is the Axolotl. By Staying Focus On The Axolotl Helps Us To Improve The Axolotl’s Health, Longevity and Beauty. We Will Continue To Stay True To Our Mission. is the World’s Best “All Axolotl Website” The Axolotl care instructions are complete, easy to understand, accurate and will not endanger the Axolotl’s life. We also explain the science behind our Axolotl care instructions.

Axolotls are now Extinct in the wild. The Mexican Government will not acknowledge the fact that the Axolotl are Extinct from the Wild. The reason why the Axolotl is Extinct was a man made problem; Water Pollution (Human Waste) found in the Water. Making the water safe and clean could have been done but the Mexican Government chose to do nothing to save the Axolotl For more information Click Here 

The Axolotl is also known as: Mexican Water Dragon.

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Axolotl Scam Busters

Protect yourself:

If It Sounds Too Good To Be True Then It Probably Is

The No Phone Number Scam:
If you see a listing where they Do Not Post A Phone Number or No Real Phone Number; Do Not Buy From That Person. These sellers are notorious for scamming customers. When the seller hides their phone number very likely that person will not reply to your emails for help.

The Selling the Baby Scam:
You are Not Buying buying  a 3 inches long Axolotl, then you are buying a baby Axolotl. Most pet owner cannot provide the proper care and feeding for a baby and vast majority of the time the baby Axolotl will die within 2 weeks.

The Wrong Color Scam:
Say you purchased the pink axolotl with black eyes. However when you get the shipment will notice that the color is (for example) Brown. So you call the breeder if you’re lucky to have a phone number or email him to ask why your axolotl is not a pink colored one. In the breeder will tell you that it will turn pink when it gets older. The fact is Axolotls do not change colors. If it is born pink it will stay pink for its entire life.

Axolotls aren’t cannibalistic if you feed them properly scam:
This scam is when a breeder tells you that if you feed the axolotl properly they will not be cannibalistic towards each other. This statement is 100% false, Axolotls will stay cannibalistic stage until they are 6 inches long. So when you discover that the Axolotls are cannibalistic and you contact the breeder, he will tell you that the problem is because you did not feed them properly.

We don’t guarantee live delivery scam:
This scam happens when you’re dealing with a breeder you don’t know and has not been recommended to you by another person. The scam is that when the breeder sends your axolotls the bag full of water (100%) with no air in it. It is impossible for an axolotl to survive without air. Because the breeder stated that he “did not guarantee live delivery”, there is nothing the buyer can do, and PayPal will not refund your money because he stated he did not guarantee live delivery. I have also heard some breeders have shipped something other than a dead axolotl.

What do I need to know before I buy a Water Dragon -Axolotl from the Internet?
When you see is low prices for Axolotls. This is a Red Flag, it usually means that some thing wrong. Some Examples:

1) You are buying an egg or baby that is not 3 inches long. If the seller states that the Axolotl is 2 1/2 to 3 inches long. Then you are buying a baby 2 1/2 inches long baby, that most pet owner cannot provide the proper care and feeding.

2) The Axolotl has been Cannibalized or are Cannibalistic.

3) The Axolotl has been inbreed (Brother to Sister).

Avoid low cost sellers and find an honest seller.

When buying a Axolotl from the Internet you need to know who you are buying from. The first thing you need to do is find out who is the owner of that website. You can do this by going to  then type in the Website Name and see if there is any Contact information that states who is the owner is; it should state the following information; Person Name, Address, City, State, Zip Code, Phone Number, and Email Address. If the website does not have any contact information then it is probably a Scam.

Website does not have any No Contact Information or has Incomplete Contact Information” No Name, No Address and No Phone Number. Instead of and address you see is a “P.O. Box Number”.  The seller using a P.O. Box Number is hiding their real address and this is a Red Flag, its probably a scam, or if the Seller (Phone) Area Code does not match the city address then its probably a Scam.

If you only see an email address or just a cell phone number or only their First Name then the seller is hiding their identity and it’s probably a scam.

You need to avoid these scams. When you don’t know who you are buying from; then it is time to for you to find an honest seller.

Some Sellers use False Names to hide real identity. If a person only wants to communicate to you only via e-mail only or texting, then it’s probably a scam. If the sellers are not willing to give you their Real Name, Real Address and Real Phone Number; then you need to find an honest seller.

Another problem when buying from a amateur breeder is that they will not state if the Axolotls has been Cannibalized; example missing legs feet and toes. Usually the amateur breeder will not have enough space to separate their Axolotls during the cannibalistic stage. If the seller does not state that you are buying an Axolotl that has not been cannibalized. Then you are buying a Axolotl that is missing legs, feet and toes. Once a Axolotl has learned to be cannibalistic then it will be cannibalistic for rest of its life, and you will be able to put this Axolotl with other Axolotl.

If an Axolotl has been cannibalized multiple times on the same leg; then that leg will grow back deformed. When you buy a Axolotl from, we separate all our Axolotls during the cannibalistic stage so they will have a perfect limbs; tale, legs, feet, and toes and have never been cannibalized.

Most amateur breeders are inbreeding (brother to sister). These Axolotls will have numerous genetic defects because they have been inbreed (brother to sister). What you will see is a Axolotls with a crooked spinal cord, also missing leg or extra legs and even blindness. These are just a few of the signs that shows that an Axolotl has been inbreed (brother to sister). At Buy-Axolotls do not inbreed (brother to sister). We take the time to outbreed (Is the mating of unrelated individuals, which often produces more vigorous offspring than the parents are in terms of growth, survival, and fertility) we breed only breed our A Stock. We outbreed our Axolotls to prevent any genetic weakness that can occur from multiple generations of inbreeding (brother to sister) We do not line breeding (is the mating of offspring by the mating Uncle to Niece or Aunt to Nephew). We continue to maintain the highest integrity of our Water Dragons while focusing on their long term health.

Since 2002; have made it easy for prospects and customers to contact us. Our REAL; Name, Address, Phone Number, and Email Addresses are located at the top and bottom of each page on our website. We also have a “Contact Us” page on our website, on our “Contact Us” page you can ask questions via email and get an answer within one business day. We at carry a full line of Axolotl inventory during the entire year. Unlike most of the amateur breeder; are here today; gone tomorrow; they will quickly sell out of their Axolotls and then it is next to impossible to find the amateur breeder for any support that you may need. is an excellent source for information pertaining to the care and feeding of Axolotls. We at freely share this information. You are welcome to download any content or images that you need from website, hassle free. has the best Axolotls in the Pet Industry

  • The Axolotls have not been Cannibalized and will have perfect limbs
  • The Axolotls will not be inbreed
  • The Axolotls will arrive live, healthy, and properly sexed.
  • Free lifetime support for your Axolotl

At we want each and every one our customers to be happy, so if you have any questions regarding the purchase or care and feeding of an Water Dragon – Axolotl you can email us at We will reply to your e-mail within a one business day. At we encourage our customers to post feedback regarding their purchase, at CLICK HERE FOR: Customer Feedback  you will see, how they liked their Water Dragons (axolotls) and what they thought of the service. We invite you to read these postings.

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