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Since 2001 Has Only Bred One Animal Species. That Is the Axolotl. By Staying Focus On The Axolotl Helps Us To Improve The Axolotl’s Health, Longevity and Beauty. We Will Continue To Stay True To Our Mission.

PLEASE DO NOT PUT SAND IN YOUR TANK … IT WILL KILL YOUR AXOLOTL. Captive bred AXOLOTLS will EAT THE SAND. is the World’s Best “All Axolotl Website” The Axolotl care instructions are complete, easy to understand, accurate and will not endanger the Axolotl’s life. We also explain the science behind our Axolotl care instructions.

Axolotls are now Extinct in the wild. The Mexican Government will not acknowledge the fact that the Axolotl are Extinct from the Wild. The reason why the Axolotl is Extinct was a man made problem; Water Pollution (Human Waste) found in the Water. Making the water safe and clean could have been done but the Mexican Government chose to do nothing to save the Axolotl For more information Click Here 

The Axolotl is also known as: Mexican Water Dragon.

We Protect Axolotls,

Patrick                                                                                                        President of                                                               Phone: 1-630-390-7070 (Land Line no text messages)


Finally put them all together

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By Jacki August 12, 2020

I wanted to send you a picture of the axolotls to see their progress. We finally put them all together. They are getting big! The two pink ones have caught up with the yellow. From left to right their names are Bubbles (because that one hides a lot so my 7yr old one says it likes to stay in its own bubble, I had to catch this picture real quick when it was out with the others) next is Tessa, name by my name 10 yr old (she’s was the one wanting them so badly and tells everyone about them) then finally there’s Diver (we live to scuba dive and they get to do it constantly)
They seem to be healthy and love being together. Like you said. They like to lay on top of each other all the time.

Until next time,


You are one of the best axolotl breeders

By Daniel May 7, 2020

Hello Mr. Vena

I have heard you are one of the best axolotl breeders there are in Illinois and wanted to inquire about possibly purchasing some. I have been a long time lover of axolotls and have always wanted to raise one. I have experience raising other types of aquatic animals, mainly fish, and have recently wanted to try and make a new companion. I would love to hear back with suggestions and possible axolotls you may have.

Thank you.


The “twins” (shipped to Maryland on 2/10/20) are thriving, healthy, and beautiful

By Yesy April 13, 2020

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Hi Philip,

I hope you’re having a nice evening. The “twins” (shipped to me on 2/10/20) are thriving, healthy, and beautiful. I was wondering if you can tell me the estimated date they were born?

Stay safe!



Thanks! She made it alive and well (Pic Only)
By Matt February 23, 2020

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Thank you very much for helping my interest in regeneration
By Josephine January 14, 2020

I just wanted to thank you very much for helping me to pursue my interest in regeneration.

I absolutely love my axolotl, which I have decided to call Mushu. Mushu seems to be loving his new home!

Thanks again,

feel the most comfortable with you guys
By Trevor December 20, 2019

Hi I can across your website when looking for axolotls and feel the most comfortable with you guys! Was looking to get 2 of the near perfect ones!

John P Clare of and Caudata are FAKE NEWS
By Anon November 28, 2019

I am interested in buying a water dragon

have come to a realization that you are the most correct water dragon breeder, and that John P Clare of and caudata are fake news, they’re killing axolotls with things like water conditioners and “parameters.”

I would like to purchase some of your finest near perfect water dragons!

LOL someone gets it…Philip Vena

I really appreciate all of the work you’ve done
By Kathleen October 14, 2019


I purchased an axolotl from you several months ago and just this past week placed an order for pellets. I wanted to reach out and say thank you, both for supplying the animal and it’s food to me as well as having so much information on your website. I found your website when I was first researching axolotls and have since visited it every time I have a question regarding axolotl care. It’s been an invaluable resource.

I really appreciate all of the work you’ve done.


Thank you for all info you have provided
By Ruth September 5, 2019

I finally got an axolotl. I’m doing regular water changes till tank is complete. He is eating blood worms. Thank you for all info you have provided and lots more questions to ask as I go along. Hope you all don’t mind.


2 Axolotls I received from you are doing great!
By Mark  August 25, 2019

I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that the two axolotls
I received from you are doing great!  I am really enjoying them!
Thanks so much!

Best regards,

I can’t say enough positive remarks about my daughters new axolotl
The Poole family July 3, 2019

I can’t say enough positive remarks about my daughters new axolotl. We had concerns prior to the purchase. All questions were answered and clearly explained. On top of that I was reassured that the axolotl would arrive safely. I’ve never shipped any live animals so my daughter and I were a bit nervous. Happy to say the axolotl arrived super quick and in great condition. I was given instructions on care,origin and every concern was addressed in the most professional manner. Went so smooth that we will definitely be ordering more in the near future. I think the hardest part of the entire process has been agreeing on a name for the axolotl!!! Real review from a real customer. Thank you very much for your great service and can’t wait to get a couple more.

The Poole family

I highly recommend this breeder!!
By Danielle June 21, 2019

We have purchased 2 juvenile and 1 adult Axolotl from Phil Vena.  Not only did they all arrive healthy and happy, Phil answered all of my calls and emails regarding their care long after purchase. He didn’t make me feel like I was bothering  him with questions, and took time  to  thoroughly go over their care with me and dispelled any bad information regarding Axolotl care that is out there on the Internet. We love our Axolotl and they are thriving! I highly recommend this breeder!

Danielle Tauber
Attorney at Law

So nice to have an your knowledge and experience behind me too!
By Anne Bontrager, RN  May 21, 2019

I’m a nurse who manages an infirmary for a private boarding school in Indiana. When one of my own twin daughters told me about Axolotls that her friend has,  I wanted to learn more.  It wasn’t long after beginning to research the Axolotl that I decided I wanted to have them too! I also wanted to share them with the kids here at school who may not have a pet or may have had to leave their pet back home while they are boarding on campus. I felt by having these creatures, they could help me teach the kids here about preserving life, regeneration,  and, extinction.
I recently held a contest at the school to name the Axolotls. Each student who entered had to provide a piece of research that gave me an interesting fact about the Axolotl. What great feedback I was given and I knew by what information they shared that they were learning too! Those who did the research were allowed to give 2 names per Axolotl. 1st & 2nd choices. The top 2 names were then chosen and now we have Regi, “King” in Latin, and Darios “Flying Lion” in Russian. GREAT NAMES don’t you agree?  Winners also received a nice goodie bag.  Point is,  they are enjoying the Axolotls and now know more about the Axolotls endangered future!
I absolutely LOVE my Axolotls! I received them from Mr. Vena within 2 days of ordering.  I ordered two from his “average” category rather than just one because they are social creatures. Well, what he considers average in appearance.  As far as I’m concerned, they are well above average! They arrived just as he said,  safe, alive and well.
I ordered these from Mr. Vena rather than any other  breeder because he actually talked to me at great length on several occasions before I ordered them. In fact,  you could say I was a pest! He offered his website to me, which I found to be ridiculously full of information. That was a huge selling point for me. Anyone that puts that much effort into freely providing solid information has met two qualifiers for me.  One.. he is obviously experienced, knows what he’s talking about, and two, he really cares about these little creatures. He wants his Axolotl care-givers to be prepared and well informed!  Being an animal lover, especially for endangered species,  that speaks volumes.
Don’t try to save money or take short cuts… Follow his COMPLETE directions. Set up your tank just as he recommends. Doing it right will preserve the lives of these little guys. You will not regret working with Mr. Vena…. he truly knows what he is doing.

Thank you again Mr. Vena for continuing to welcome my calls, addressing my concerns, and providing support when I need guidance. So nice to have an your knowledge and experience behind me too!

Anne Bontrager, RN

They are thriving and my daughter is thrilled!
By Victoria April 21, 2019

My mother in law purchased two axolotls for my daughter for her birthday through Buy-Axolotls. Philip was so incredibly helpful to my mother-in-law during the purchase process. He was able to answer both my 75-year-old mother-in-law’s questions as well as my 11-year-old daughter’s questions. The axolotl’s arrived quickly and very healthy. We have had them for three months and they are growing rapidly and both are in excellent health. Each one has developed their own personalities and friends and families are so excited to see them whenever they visit. Buy-Axolotls is an incredibly reputable source and Phillips knowledge is excellent and his love of these animals as apparent I would certainly recommend Buy-Axolotls to anyone looking for a quality amphibian pet.

Over the past eight years I have ordered several Axolotls from
By Schmoe March 16, 2019

Over the past eight years I have ordered several Axolotls from and every time they have arrived in perfect health. Even when the shipment was delayed by the postal service by a few days the Axolotls arrived healthy. They gave me a free baby leucitic with my first orders because the “near perfect” axie I bought was missing a toe (that grew back perfectly). That’s only one of the reasons I keep coming back. As an avid axolotl collector for the past 30 years and from personal experiences I recommend Buy-Axolotls.

I appreciate your knowledge about axolotl care
By Paul February 19, 2019

My Axolotls arrived earlier than expected. They were healthy and beautiful. They provided excellent over the phone support and pre-delivery advice via email. The Axolotls were shy in the beginning, but now they greet anyone who comes close to the tank…in anticipation of food :-). One is already, while the other is peaking his head around to corner to see what the commotion is all about…..These guys are awesome!!

A unboxing video
By Christine January 30, 2019

A unboxing video from Christine posted on YouTube

Hello there! I just wanted to thank you for your very important and useful information on your website. I appreciate your knowledge about axolotl care as someone who is exploring the possibility of axo ownership. I found the info on your site to be very informative and used it for an example on how to set up my 10 gallon tank. I went to lowes and got the slate cut and I’m currently on day three of that silicone curing. Do I really have to cycle water for several weeks if I intend on 90% water changes each week anyway? Thanks for reading and again I really appreciate your input! Have a good day.

The Answer is No you do not need to cycle water for weeks…see below

The Axolotl is an amphibian not a fish. The major difference between a fish and a amphibian is the following:

  • Fish uses gills to take in oxygen from the water
  • Fish need the following:
    • Tropical Fish need a temperature at 76° Fahrenheit
    • You cannot use Tap Water without conditioning the water
    • Need Chemicals to remove the Chlorine and, Chloramines
    • Need a filter is required to remove Nitrite, Nitrate and Ammonia
    • Need to control pH and dH
  • Amphibian uses its lungs to take in oxygen form the air
  • Amphibian need the following:
    • The Axolotl needs a temperature at 57° to 68° Fahrenheit
    • The Axolotl by using lungs to breath the air so if your Tap Water is safe for you to drink then it will be safe for your Axolotl. If your Tap Water is not safe for you to drink then it will not be safe for your Axolotl. If you have safe drinking water then you can do the following:
      • You can use Tap Water and without conditioning it (to remove the Chlorine and, Chloramines)
      • No filter is needed if you do a 90% water change every 7 days to control Nitrite, Nitrate and Ammonia
      • No need to control pH and dH

Little jellybean made it safely to our home
By Valerie December 8, 2018

Hello Mr. Vena,

This is Valerie. I just wanted you to know our little jellybean made it safely to our home.

Thank you so much!

I have been searching everywhere for an Axolotl!
By Shavonna November 22, 2018

IT’S HERE!! Just arrived! And so beautiful! Thank you! I have been searching everywhere for an Axolotl!


Axolotls enjoy watching the kids in class and play with them!
By Tami October 16, 2018

We got juvenile axolotls around thanksgiving time. they are doing well and enjoy watching the kids in class and play with them. they have
grown a lot. How do we know if they are big enough/old enough to move the divider and let them interact with each other?

Thank you Phil!!


I can not recommend buying from Phil Vena enough!
By Cameo September 11, 2018

I have 5 Axolotls, all of which I have bought from Phil Vena. I have followed all his care instructions and have had great success. Anytime I have needed advice I have been able to call him and he his always ready to help with a plethora of knowledge. He is truly an ethical breeder who cares about his Axolotls.

I can not recommend buying from Phil Vena enough!!!


It’s the coolest thing I’ve ever seen!
By Sheena August 17, 2018

Hi Philip,

I will send a video of the little ones interacting with me and my boyfriend through the aquarium glass. Despite them being known for preferring minimal attention, they sure are quite the attention seekers especially the pink leucistic!! We have formed quite a connection with them and they are, quite frankly, the coolest thing I’ve ever seen! I’m actually strongly considering getting two more in the near future as well


The entire experience was perfect from ordering to delivery
By Khalid July 18, 2018

Hi Philip,

I’d be happy to provide feedback for you. The entire experience was perfect from ordering to delivery. Communication is key when shipping live animals. You provided excellent communication on when you would ship and how to handle them upon delivery. The Axolotls arrived in perfect condition even in the Florida heat. Right away, I could tell these were high quality animals. They were much larger and heartier than other breeders. It’s been several months since introducing them to the tank, and I’m pleased to say they are happy, growing, and in perfect health. Thank you for your honesty, integrity, and high quality animals. It is my opinion that your facility is the premier supplier of Axolotls.little jellybean made it safely to our home



My students LOVE them
By Mary Beth June 12, 2018

Using for my first axolotls was a very pleasant experience. The owner was timely with emails and the payment process was very simple. I am a science teacher and got two axolotls (melanistic and pink leucidic) for my classroom. We have since named them Toothless and Shadowfax. My students LOVE them and come in everyday to watch me feed them and it helps boost their intrigue in science overall. So overall, I am incredibly pleased and satisfied with and will be using them in the future for any other purchases!

Mary Beth

The axolotl is perfect!
By Julie May 15, 2018

We ordered an axolotl from last month for our son. The owner was very friendly and helpful with the ordering process and the axolotl we ordered arrived exactly when we were told and the axolotl is perfect! We named him Axl and he is an awesome new pet for our family. I will definitely use this website when we get another axolotl!!

Thank you Phillip!!

Julie Bowder

Shipped on time and very much alive and healthy
By Cheryl April 28, 2018

I ordered in July of this year for my daughters 16th birthday after searching for a Water Dragon everywhere. The Axolotl was in stock, shipped on time and very much alive and healthy when he got here. He has grown and gotten big enough to eat the pellets so we ordered those as well. They got here as promised, and he loves them. Will definitely order from again.



Your packaging was amazing!
By Shawn and Trinity March 7, 2018

We received our two axolotls, everything appears well with them. They are beautiful. Your packaging was amazing! It’s very clear how much you care for all your axolotls. They will continue to be in good hands in their new home. As you mentioned, I will contact you with any questions or concerns in the future.

Again thank you very much,

Shawn and Trinity

I can’t believe how big they got
By Morgan February 9, 2018

It’s been 3 months today since Butternut and Sherbert came into my life. From 3″ to 6.5″ and growing! I can’t believe how big they got from the first pic to now! 💛

I can’t believe how big they got
By Rosemary January 25, 2018

They’re perfect! I had them delivered to my office so I would be there to sign for them and my coworkers think they’re the cutest things.
Thank you so much Phil 🙂
Rosemary from Iowa

Get The Proper Information Before Getting Your Water Dragon
By Tella December 30, 2017

I am a costumer of Philip Vena from and I got my beautiful water dragon in March. I was very happy with my water dragon but he was not happy with me. I made many mistakes with my water dragon because I chose to listen to people who call themselves “experts” on axolotls. I would study my axolotl carefully and noticed my axolotl would get ill a lot because I was following websites like All of the information posted on that site is posted by random axolotl owners and not actual professional breeders like Philip Vena himself. I highly encourage any axolotl owner to follow the proper care instructions on The breeder Philip Vena has had experience with these creatures since 2001. He’s bred hundreds of water dragons. He has high knowledge of these animals. I was thankful because he responded to a phone call a few days ago and saved my axolotl. gave me a lot of false information and I was stressing my poor axolotl out to death. I put filters and aeration tubes that were stressing my axolotl. I also over fed him. Philip helped me by explaining everything I had to do immediately to save my axolotl. Please learn from my mistakes. If you’re making any of these mistakes please check the care instructions on or call Philip Vena himself if the damage is too much.
I hope this can help somebody!

Our Axolotls we have brought so many smiles into our lives
By Michelle November 14, 2017

Sal and Jeff just wanted to say hello and let you know that they have adjusted very well to life in their Montgomery tank. I absolutely adore them and take their pics regularly (no flash, of course). They’re just so photogenic! Thank you for your amazing work that enabled me to bring these little guys home. They’ve already have brought so many smiles into our lives.


Thanks for all your research and advice
By Ruth Ann October 14, 2017

The axolotls I received from you last December are doing fantastic. In a 10 gal tank with about 4 inches of water and a divider till they get to 6 in. They will come to the front of the tank now and follow my finger. Feeding mon-wed-fri, cleaning tank once a week and removing waste during the week. They seem to be happy and healthy. Thanks for all your research and advice.

30-40 different forums that tell me that you are the best breeders to buy axolotls from
By Merritt September 14, 2017

Hello. I am Merritt and I have been to at least 30-40 different forums that tell me that you are the best breeders to buy axolotls from in the US, but I could not find where I could buy them from on your site. If you could email me back to where you sell, it would help a lot!

Thanks for all your input from your experiences, they are much appreciated
By Bobbi August 9, 2017

I have made a lot of mistakes since I started my first aquarium in 97, I still make mistakes today. But, I learn from those mistakes and try to pass on my own experiences to those who ask. Thanks for all your input from your experiences, they are much appreciated.


You’re heroes to such an endangered species
By Brandon July 17, 2017

My name is Brandon, I live in Florida, and I’ve been interested in buying Axolotl’s since 2010. They are by far my favorite animal. I never went through with buying them because I felt I didn’t have enough information and time to dedicate to raising them. Now, with the help of all the great information from your website I decided that its time to become an Axolotl owner! I’m moving into a new apartment in a few months and after I’m settled in I’m going to purchase two Axolotl’s from you.

I wanted to establish communication just to let you know that I may have a few questions along the way, but also to thank you for all your dedication to the Axolotl community and educational advice you provide to the world. You’re heroes to such an endangered species.

Thank you for the inspiration,


They were as stated around 3-4″ and very healthy
By Morgan June 16, 2017

I received my juvenile pink and yellow leucistics about a week ago and could not be happier with them. I named them Sherbert and Butternut. They were as stated around 3-4″ and very healthy. Thank you for answering all my questions and providing so much information on your website, it made it a smooth transition to owning these fascinating creatures. They are a wonderful addition to my pet family! Can’t wait to watch them grow into happy and healthy adults!

Thank you again,


The Axolotls seem to be pretty happy and loving life
By Haydan May 11, 2017

Hi, i would just like to let you know that i got the Axolotls alive and well!! The Axolotls seem to be pretty happy and loving life.


The Axolotls were all that we hoped for and more
By Bryan from New York April 8, 2017

The Axolotls were all that we hoped for and more. Smooth shipping process and the Axolotls had a great ride here, very well packaged and Philip is extremely helpful. These mythical creatures are something out of fantasy novels but they’re real and these two found a great loving home as a new addition to our family. is a wonderful company and we need more Axolotl lovers in the world.

Bryan from New York

The two axolotls that I purchased are incredibly cute and active!
by Stephanie March 21, 2017

The two axolotls that I purchased are incredibly cute and active! They arrived on time and very healthy. We named our new family members   Marvin and Newton. Thanks so much for all of the time you invest with these little guys and for your time spent on the phone answering my questions!


They’re so feisty and gorgeous!
by Brian January 28, 2017

Hi Mr Vena,

I received the two babies! They’re so feisty and gorgeous! My wife and I are so happy!



The axolotls I ordered came in on time and in great shape 
by Heather December 2, 2016

Philip is very pleasant on the phone and informative both on his site and in communication. The axolotls I ordered came in, on time and in great shape, and were exactly what I was looking for. I would definitely recommend Buy-Axolotls to others and would order from him again in the future.


The axolotls you sent me are awesome creatures! 
by Frank  November 23, 2016

The axolotls you sent me are awesome creatures!

Thanks Phil,


They are both very healthy and doing great! 
by Jonna  October 5, 2016

I have purchased qty 2 Axolotls from Philip Vena, a Adult Black Hybrid and a Yellow Leucistic.  They are awesome! They came well packaged and quickly. They are both very healthy and doing great!



Mr. Vena’s axolotls are extremely healthy and active – and apparently, very fertile!  I have attached a few pictures of her
by Donna  September 23, 2016

I bought my first axolotl from Philip Vena a year ago.  She is beautiful!   I didn’t know at the time that my new baby was a ‘she’ so I named her Winston.  She was so tiny when she arrived.  I was afraid that I would do something wrong or hurt her.  But I found out quickly that these are tough little pets.  As long as you keep the water clean and cold, no worries!  I started her on a fine sand substrate but found that was way too messy.  Now, I don’t put anything on the bottom of the tank.  They do not seem stressed and can get around just fine.




NOW she is over 9 inches long.  When I come into the room, she will come to the side of the tank and stand on her back legs to get my attention.   She is very healthy and active.  Her gills (frills) are long and beautiful.



I got another axolotl and this one turned out to be male.  OOPS!  I kept them in separate tanks until the new one got big enough to hang out with Winston.  I have never had a problem with cannibalism with them.  I didn’t do research on breeding because I had no idea they were old enough but I guess I have an over-achiever in the tank.  I was totally surprised when Winston started laying eggs.  By the time she was through, every plant, rock and hiding place had eggs attached.   It took almost 36 hours for her to lay them all.   I was very worried about her.  She has recovered and is back to her happy self again.

Mr. Vena’s axolotls are extremely healthy and active – and apparently, very fertile!  I have attached a few pictures of her.   I am so happy that I found the buy-axolotl website because the prices are great and the pets are of excellent quality.   Plus, if you take the time to read through all of the information on this site (And there’s a LOT of good stuff) you will have no trouble raising a beautiful happy axolotl!



Greensboro NC

Never seen them aggressive with each other
by Erik Lopez  September 20, 2016

I have purchased qty 2 Axolotls from Philip Vena. Had them since they were about 3 inches. They are now at about 5 inches, closer to 6 inches long. I have never seen them aggressive with each other. The most I’ve seen is when they peck at each other to move the other out of the way. I have fed them earthworms, and when they really want a big piece, they will shake their body and head like a crocodile. Haven’t seen a hint of trying to bite or eat each other. They love to ride bubbles up to the top of the tank, and sometimes like to pile on top each other though. Lol. They like to lay on plants too.


My students love the new axolotl in our high school biology room!
by Jessie McKean August 14, 2016

My students love the new axolotl in our high school biology room! It is a wonderful model to talk about environments and since it is GFP we can also use it to talk about GMOs and how DNA effects what we look like.

Jessie McKean

Either by phone or e-mail…he can be counted on!
by Justin July 14, 2016

Phil was very helpful and informative before and after purchasing. He was communicative, knowledgeable…and friendly to do business with. Either by phone or e-mail…he can be counted on! If I could purchase more pets from him…I would in a heartbeat!!


I am so glad I chose you to buy from
by Wesley June 22, 2016


I was absolutely ecstatic to open the package. It came yesterday (took 2 days which was the fault of USPS). Thank you for the immediate shipping and safe packaging. These will be the first axolotls I have owned. After a few hours in their new tank (with a divider) we fed them both tiny bits of earthworms and they ate a bunch! We have been able to keep the water temp below 68. Their colors are beautiful and I am so glad I chose you to buy from. They are absolutely pristine! Thanks so much! 🙂

Thanks so much 🙂


It’s hard to know exactly what to believe on the internet
by Elizabeth May 20, 2016


It’s hard to know exactly what to believe on the internet.  My Axolotl arrived right on time.  He/she is a great study companion, and appears to be much lower maintenance than I initially expected.  Philip Vena’s directions online are super clear, and he also answers any other questions that I have if something is unclear (or if there’s something a newbie like me does not know).  I’ve been wanting an axolotl for years, and am super happy with my first one!

I received a healthy, happy and hungry Axolotl in less that 24 hours.
by Denise April 12, 2016


I received a healthy, happy and hungry Axolotls in less that 24 hours. I recently bought some Axolotls From another person and they were Shipped via Priority Mail 3-5 day and they were dead. Your shipment came to me in less than 24 hours and they both Mexican Water Dragons were Alive, Happy and Healthy. I enjoy your website for how complete it is and how easy it is to understand.

Thank you so much for these beautiful Mexican Water Dragons.


The Axolotls you sent me are just beautiful, Thank You!
by Mandy March 15, 2016


The Axolotls you sent me are just beautiful. I bought some from another person but they had no legs. I felt so sorry for them. I was happy to see the two Axolotls I bought from you had all their legs, feet and toes.

Thank You,


I am very happy with the Axolotls you sent!!
by Amanda February 22, 2016


I am very happy with the Axolotls you sent!! They are just beautiful and have settled in to their new home very well.

Thank you so much!!


Thanks for helping us out
by Bill January 18, 2016


Thanks for helping us out. I will not make the same mistake again.

You can find out some information regarding Defenders at

We thank you for your website that helps us to take the proper care of our Axolotls.


We have ordered from him before
by Rodrigo December 7, 2015

We just wanted to thank Mr. Vena on his prompt and quality delivery on our two new axolotls. We have ordered from him before and have never had any trouble in receiving these amazing animals.

Will be doing business with him again!


The Axolotl you sent exceeded my expectation
by Kirsten November 4, 2015


I just received my Axolotl. He/she is so beautiful and shipped well. Thank you so much. The Axolotl you sent exceeded my expectation. I am just so happy to have received him/her. Not sure yet. I will definitely be coming to you for future orders and will recommend any friends.

Thank you so much for my beautiful axolotl, the great packaging and excellent communication.

Thanks again!


Reliable service and axolotl friends at a great price!
by Ali October 8, 2015


Your website was easy to use and very informative. It helped me to create a safe home for my axolotls. The adoption process was easy and efficient. After the axolotls were shipped, they came exactly on time, quickly and safely. provides reliable service and axolotl friends at a great price!


I must commend you on your packing skills
by Sean September 9, 2015

The Axolotls arrived promptly and in great shape. They are gradually acclimating them to their new habitat now. I must commend you on your packing skills.  At first the $45.00 shipping fee seemed steep, but I can see now that it was money well spent for the Styrofoam shipping box and the Styrofoam packing peanuts with a bottle of ice to help keep the box cold during shipping.

Thanks again,


They got hear safe, happy and healthy
by Leah August 19, 2015

I love them! They got hear safe, happy and healthy. Thank you so much! One of them loves to explore and the other is very shy. I’m going to get really good at taking care of these two, later on I would love to get more through you.

Thanks again,


Thanks for the work you’ve put into raising them!
by Tallis July 28, 2015

Dear Phil,

The two juveniles arrived yesterday in great condition. They were skittish at first, but when I darkened the room, they quickly became more comfortable and started energetically exploring the tank. They’re quite happy with the bloodworms, and one already seems to associate my approach with food. Thanks for the work you’ve put into raising them!



Pet Store where I purchased our Axolotl is not doing well
by Beverly June 15, 2015

I purchased a Axolotl from you about a month ago and he is thriving. The one I purchased from the Pet Store was only there a few hours and he not doing well. I guess Pet Store don’t know how to care for Axolotls.

I would like to buy another healthy Axolotl from you.

Thank you,


I’ve been using tap water since I got them and they love it
by Brian March 9, 2015

Thank you for my awesome axolotls. I’ve had my two adults for about a year and 3 months. Learning about the creatures is a great experience. They are very interactive. My golden albino is really active and likes to get my attention. You are doing great things to try to restore the axolotl race to how they are supposed to be bred. I will defiantly be repeating again soon. By the way, I’ve been using tap water since I got them and they love it. Has to be cooler tap water though!

Thanks again,


I was doing several things wrong
by Michelle  September 25, 2014

I purchased an axolotl at a pet store because I fell in love with its cute little face.  I did not know much else about them and the pet store gave basic (wrong) information.  My Axie in spite of me thrived and I wanted a companion for him as he seemed so lonely.  I got in touch with and found out I was doing several things wrong which when I corrected my axolotl immediately seemed more relaxed.  Then I ordered another axolotl. I was told by Philip, however, that if my axolotl was inbred and raised with others during the cannibalistic stage which a lot of breeders do because it is cheaper then that axolotl will have remembered cannibalistic behavior and will eat my new axolotl.  I wanted to try it to see and sure enough my pet store axolotl tried to eat my new properly raised axolotl.  I had to put them in separate tanks and ordered another from  When I got the second axolotl and put it in the tank with first one I got from they co-existed perfectly supporting what Phil said about taking the time to raise them separately during the cannibalistic phase.  This costs more to do for both the breeder and the consumer but unless you want a genetically defective and cannibalistic axolotl it is worth it!  The Axolotls I got from are sweet, beautiful and the axolotl I got from the pet store is aggressive and has one gill shorter than the others which Philip says is because he is inbred. Philip spent quite a lot of time coaching me on the proper care of Axolotls which made the difference.  I would definitely recommend Phil.

Thanks again,


They arrived in perfect condition and they are so happy in their new home
by Jessica  July 16, 2014

I just wanted to thank you so much for my axolotls. My local pet store didn’t have them and they are so unique. I was incredibly impressed with how quickly they shipped and the way they were packaged, I was like a little kid at Christmas time. They arrived in perfect condition and they are so happy in their new home anytime I have a question I come right back to your website. I can’t thank you enough for my little guys everyone asks me where to get them and I send them right to your site. I know any of my future axolotl purchases will be from you!

Thank you so much!

Thank you so much for the great care you took in raising and transporting them to me
by Sheila March 4, 2014

Just wanted to let you know that the axies arrived safely and are enjoying their new home! 🙂 Thank you so much for the great care you took in raising and transporting them to me. I will be purchasing from you again in the future! Have a good day Phil!

By Sarah November 27, 2019

The Axolotls arrived today and are beautiful. Thank you so much. They both eating good and when I put the in the tank they immediately started exploring it. They are gorgeous.

Thanks again!

You have beautiful Axolotls
By Sue October 22, 2013

Axolotls Are AMAZING … They arrived safe. I Love this Aminal,  You have  beautiful Axolotls and your packaging kept the new buddy nice and cool.

Thanks so much!


I wish we had read your site before we got him
by Ann September 4, 2013

I just found your website when I looking for a place to buy axolotls. We had a black axolotl that died yesterday. I wish we had read your site before we got him. He was an inch and a half to 2 inches long and we were told to put fine sand in the bottom. I am pretty sure that he died of impactment (from eating Sand). I know that I overfed him. We had him in a 29 gallon tank with a plecostomus. We did not realize how stressful that was on him. We would like to get a couple of new axolotls and wanted to get your help before ordering them. We have 3 options for tanks. The 29 which is too big for the juveniles, a 20 long and a 10 gallon tank. After reading your site it sounds like the 10 is the best bet and we should set it up for a week before ordering the axolotls. We don’t have the slate in the bottom and am concerned about breaking the tank if we put it in. Is there another option like large rocks or just leaving it alone? … As I read your site it is amazing that the little guy survived as long as he did. I would really appreciate your help to get a tank set up. I fell in love with the little guy and can’t imagine not having any axolotls in our house.

Phil, I was fearful because I am new to Axolotls
By Andy August 12, 2013

Phil, I was fearful because I am new to Axolotls. However, your site is an awesome resource and it makes me more confident that I can care for Axolotls.

Thanks you for posting easy to understand Axolotl care instructions.


We bought an axolotl from you last week
By Marcello July 21, 2013

Dear Mr. Vena,

We bought an axolotl from you last week. My wife, Roxanne, and I live in New Orleans. We received her (?) on Wednesday; and, so far, all seems well!

We thought you might enjoy a picture of her in her new home.

All our best and thank you,


Sensei, he’s so much better
By Shavonna June 15, 2013

It’s Shavonna! Just giving you an update on Sensei

Sensei, he’s so much better. I was the one who called about him “wasting away,” I saved his life! Thanks for all of your help.

I am looking to purchase another Axolotl from you soon. Do you have Melanoid Axolotls or only what your website mentions?

Thank you,


Phil has been very informative
By Katie May  11, 2013

I purchased a leucistic and a albino from Phil and couldn’t be happier.  I am going to be buying a third Axolotl. Phil has been very informative and extremely helpful when it comes to any questions. He is the only web site that has a Phone Number you can call and ask questions. Even better is he does not screen his phone calls and picks up your call so that you don’t have to play – Phone Tag.

Wow… what a great person…

Thanks Phil

They are beautiful
By Trevor April 9, 2013

I just bought two Axies about a week ago, and they are beatuful. I can’t believe how happy and social these Axolotls are. The Axolotls I have purchased from has always be a good one.

Thank you Phil


Axolotls they are amazing
by Melissa March 22, 2013

Thank you Phil for sending me such wonderful axolotls they are amazing. I got a pink (Bonnie) and a neon (Klyde). They arrived 5 days late no thanks to the post office cause they crushed the box they were shipped in. Thankful that Phil raise since healthy and wonderful axolotls they survived the ordeal they went through. It took me about a week to show them they were safe and at their new home thanks to Phil’s guidance. Now they are so happy every morning I enjoy getting ready to feed them and they know its feeding time because they swim up to the top of the tank I really love the new addition to my family. My daughter Katherine says “I LOVES my Axolotls! Their friendly and cool. When I first feed them it was so interesting to see. When they let me hold them it’s so cool I like the feel of their little toes. I LOVE My Bonnie & Klyde!” My daughter Briana says ” They are really fun to feed with your hands. I like when I go by the tank and they let u know their watching you by flapping their gills. My favorite thing to do is watch them swim around the tank. I love Bonnie & Klyde!

Once again Phil thank you. Your truly an amazing man your knowledge of axolotls is wonderful I’m glad I did my research before buying and your site was top notch. I have recommended your site to everyone who have asked me about wanted a set of axolotls.

This is them at feeding time in the morning I will send you more pictures of them soon.


I really wish that everyone knew about this website
by Morgan  February 1, 2013

I really wish that everyone knew about this website. It has a lot of really good information and do and don’t. At first when I had no idea about axolotls, I searched on the internet and found this website and immediately I was like “I am buying my creature from here hands down.” Don’t even get me started with the axolotls. They are well priced and I must say the axolotl shipped very quickly and arrived healthy, no limbs missing, and seemed happy. I have now had my axolotl for 10 days and I could not be more in love with him (I call him a he even though I don’t know what gender). I named him squishy and he is the yellow body leucistic (glows under UV). He has absolutely stolen my heart and he has grown pretty fast! His gills are already becoming nice and big and red! He seems very happy and he was a little lazy at first but now he’s up and about. I would totally recommend this website and this one only if you want any and/or all information on axolotls. I would definitely also recommend buying yours from here! Phil, I am so happy that you take all the time to educate people and that you have so much love for these creatures. These are definitely amazing and beautifully majestic creatures. I will definitely be buying another axolotl from this website.

Again Phil, thank you so much for your amazing Axolotls.


1 year anniversary!
by Miranda January 12, 2013

It’s been a year since I bought my two brown/grey axies from you. I just wanted to write and say that Mudkip and Wooper have grown so much and are doing fine. My favorite thing to do with them is sit and talk to them and watch them flick their gills in response. They like to sit on opposite sides of their divider and watch each other, so I hope it’s a good sign for when I remove the divider soon (probably when I clean the tank tonight). Thanks so much! They’re awesome! :)….miranda’s 2nd email; By the way, when I removed the divider, they both small to the same corner of the tank of just sat side by side. Mudkip even had his front leg around Wooper, as if he was giving him a hug. They are truly amazing and I can’t thank you enough!


Phil at was perfect
by Joel December 31, 2012

My transaction with Phil at was perfect. Phil was patient and helped me choose the right animals for the aquarium I wanted to set up. Shipping was extremely quick (they arrived a day earlier than expected) and the 5 axolotls I ordered were in perfect shape when they arrived… this is additionally impressive as I live in an extremely cold area. The axolotls took a few days to acclimate to the aquarium, but are eating well and generally behaving the way axolotls should. They have become excellent pets and a very enjoyable hobby. One final note … I researched my axolotl purchase thoroughly and spoke with numerous vendors. If you look just at price, there are probably better deals out there, but the quality of service and of the animals is definitely worth any price discrepancy. Pets are not something you want to be cheap about.

Thanks Phil,


I would have never gotten this chance to raise offspring without your help
by Evan November 21, 2012

Hi, a couple months ago you sent me an 8 1/2 inch golden albino female. We had some trouble with the mail and she came a day late. But because you packed her so well she arrived perfectly healthy and fine. No she has laid some eggs! There are about 200. I keep the in old jewelry boxes and I have qty 2 to a container. The father is leucistic and the mom is gold, the offspring are about 70% leucistic and 30% gold. Just want to thank you so much and I would have never gotten this chance to raise offspring without your help.



Phil you are fantastic and so are the Axolotls
by Dave and Crystal October 13, 2012

We just wanted to let everyone know that Phil has been fantastic. We bought a water dragon from a local pet store and they told us that all we needed was a tank and a water pump and they would be fine. 115 dollars later and two weeks the poor water dragon was dead. Of course everyone expects the store to be an expert on what they are selling. Well I’m here to tell you that it is not true.

We found on line and contacted Phil by phone and found out everything we had been told was not true. The water needed to be chilled and the tank to only have 6-8 inches max of water. Water dragons are air breathers and trying to swim to the top of the water line in a full tank would be like climbing a 20 story building for them. The pet store also said that we could feed them fish pellets and we found out that was not true also. They need blood worms and once they get bigger then you can feed them rosy minnows. Of course again every thing that we were told by the local fish store was wrong again.

Well we talked to Phil at great length and found out that the water in this part of Texas was a mild 85 degrees coming out of the tap, and that is way to hot for the water dragons. So his web page said that the water needs to be at 68 degrees and no higher, so we looked and looked and found a fish tank cooler ( after consulting his web page) and let the water run in the tank for a week to make sure that everything was up to Phil’s spec’s for the water dragons. We purchased our water dragons from Phil and they were perfect.

We bought one pink one and one brown one. We have a 20 gallon tank that is divided so they don’t chew on each other. Phil has been fantastic in all the drama of getting the water dragons here and everything set up. The post office was a day late on the deliver, and my wife gave the mail man and the station master more grief than any 5’2″ woman though could. She wanted her babies.

Now everything has been set up and running for about two weeks with no issues and they are growing fantastically.

We have our own little bucket for them and the cleaner hose that is kept separate of everything and never used for anything other than the water dragons. And after a false start we make sure that we wash our hands all the way up to our elbows so that nothing could contaminate the tank.

Phil has been a god send of information and support. When he ships his Axolotls, they come in a Styrofoam cooler that protects them and are filled with packing peanuts to protect the containers that they are shipped in inside of the cooler. Not only do they arrive safe and sound and ready to put in the tank, the cooler and peanuts are a great toy for our 7 ferrets that are singing Phil, we love Phil, he gave us a new toy to play with….

Phil you are fantastic and so are the Axolotls. If any one needs or wants information, Phil is the man to talk to. He is like a walking data base of what to do and what not to do if you want an Axolotl for a pet.

They are utterly fantastic, (and so is Phil).

Dave and Crystal
(Austin Texas)

Axolotl are healthy and happy
by Taylor September 19, 2012

Thanks so much Phil!

Our Axolotl are healthy and happy and made many people happy as well! Your advice and expertise were so helpful and spot on.
I recommend your services to everyone I talk to.

Thanks and Francis (the axolotl) says hello!


Thank you for saving my axolotl’s life
by Patrick August 31, 2012

Hi Mr. Vena,

I’m emailing you to say thank you for saving my axolotl’s life, i followed all of your advice, and she is healthy and swimming around, and she is eating for the first time in weeks.



My axolotls are amazing! I love them
by Maggie July 17, 2012

Mr. Vena,

I just wanted to let you know my axolotls are amazing! I love them. I thought they would be sick or even dead! But I was wrong! They are in perfect health! My whole family loves them. My seven year old brother says they are “Awesome “. My grandmother loves their little feet! My cousins came and as soon as they saw them they asked where I got them and are planning on buying some soon! I will NEVER buy axolotls from anywhere but!

I could never thank you enough,


I wanted to let you know how perfect they are
by Jason Hlad June 11, 2012

Mr. Vena,

I received my axolotls on Friday last week and I wanted to let you know how perfect they are. Thank you for putting up with all my calls asking questions about the setup of my tank and what information I needed to prepare myself for their arrival. You were always available when I called with questions and you always were able to answer with helpful advice. I have already told friends of mine who have been interested in purchasing axolotls, since I received the ones I purchased from you, to make sure to check out Because in my opinion there is no other place site that has all the information needed, reasonable prices, and the outstanding customer support to help decide if axolotls are the perfect pet for you.

Thank you,

CTR1(SW/AW) Jason Hlad
United States Navy

Water Dragons are coolest Animals
by John May 2, 2012


I just wanted to send you this email to thank you for the awesome axolotls! Both are happy and healthy, eating well and their water stays clean and in the mid sixties. My neon axolotl is always flexing his “feathers” (with awesome stripes revealed under the blacklight,
by the way), and my pink always seems to be on the prowl. These have to be by far some of the coolest animals I’ve ever came across.

Thank you for all of your help!

John is the only legitimate website for buying Axolotls on the internet
by Tom S. April 14, 2012 is the only legitimate website I have found for buying Axolotls on the internet. I highly recommend Philip Vena.

Phil, Thanks again for all your help,

Tom S.

Thank you Phil at
by Richard March 15, 2012

Thank you for the two healthy Water Dragons that you sent me. They remind me of the Mud-puppies that my brother and I used to catch 40 years ago.

Thanks for making me feel young again,


The best experience I have ever had regarding buy a pet
by John February 24, 2012 has been the best experience I have ever had regarding buy a pet. My son researched Axolotls on the Internet and a while afterwards I found Phil Vena who is a national breeder of Axolotls.  Phil took the time to explain everything I needed to know about getting a tank set up with Axolotls for my son.  And when one of the Axolotls became I’ll due to a mistake I made with the water in the tank, Phil was there to offer assistance in bringing Rocky the Axolotl back to health.  I highly recommend Phil Vena and, I am so happy with our new pets and how my children have proven to be responsible enough to care for them continuously.  If I can answer any questions please ask Phil to put you in contact with me.  Thanks!


Axolotl Education Grant – Thanks for your help Phil
by Jerry January 14, 2012

Phil was instrumental in helping me with creating an education grant for our axolotl project. There were a lot of details and particulars that I needed help with and Phil was always there to answer my questions and offer suggestions. He is extremely informative and has the utmost concern for the proper preparation and continued care for the optimum health of the axolotls. They are still healthy, thanks to Phil’s tips, and one male is laying spermatophores already! The students are absolutely fascinated with them. If you want axolotls, don’t waste your time looking elsewhere, this is the guy you need to know.

Thanks Phil,

Jerry Web Site is the BEST that I’ve Found
by Beverly December 28, 2011

Hi Phil:

I want to let you know you have the best, most informative website on the Axolotl.  I appreciate all the information it has to help me give my “Little Water Dragon” the best possible life he can have in my home.  He is very smart and I am so excited about knowing how to give him a fuller life.  I am interested in a girlfriend for him and feel I can the best fit for him from your stock.  Thank you for your contribution to their well being in captivity and keeping the species healthy, strong and happy.  My Grandson is so excited at the thought of getting the Black Female; actually his mother is too!  I was so shocked; she even offered to go get the rosy minnows for Kritter (Lelah now Luke).  She didn’t like me calling him Kritter so she named him the girl name as I was told that he was a girl or I misunderstood the person who told me about the two big bumps by the tail?



Thanks Phil, Great Transaction to Hong Kong
by Kalvin Keung November 24, 2011

Dear Phil,

I feel very happy for this transaction. You are a very good seller and I received 8 beautiful and healthy axolotls. It’s so nice to know your professional suggestions on axolotls and your customer services. Since it’s not easy to export the axolotls, i know u had used additional time to apply the legal documents. Thank you for your fast reply and help.

Hong Kong buyer

Kelvin Keung

Can’t express how happy I am
by Carmine October 25, 2011


Can’t express how happy I am with my axolotl!! Great service and communication throughout the transaction. Couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful, or healthy specimen. Highly recommend.



Mr. Vena’s commitment to customer satisfaction
By Charlotte September 03, 2011

Mr. Vena,

I just wanted to email you and let you know I received my axolotls earlier this morning and they are doing well and had a blood worm snack when they arrived. I also wanted to write you something for your customer feedback page so feel free to use it.

I received my second order from today and I am very impressed with their website information, professionalism, Mr. Vena’s commitment to customer satisfaction, as well as beautiful high quality axolotls. Axolotls make the most magnificent pets and they will always have a special place in our home! I highly recommend and will ONLY be ordering from them in the future.

Thanks again!


The axolotls you sent me are doing great
by Rock August 09 2011

Hey Phil,

The axolotls you sent me are doing great, I’m very satisfied with my purchase. Thank you so much for being so prompt and professional. I will definitely be doing business with you again, and have already recommended you to a lot of people. I’m very glad I found your website, and was able to make such a wonderful and worthwhile investment



They are absolutely adorable, beautiful, and hungry
by S Ridley July 27, 2011

Dear Mr. Vena!

They are absolutely adorable, beautiful, and hungry! All six have munched on the blood worms, and I will be gently siphoning out the left overs tomorrow. We could not be happier! Thank you so much for helping this animal survive. Each one looks so healthy and alert. I can only imagine how interactive they will be when the ordeal of being shipped wears off!

Thank you so much! They are romping around their sections of the tanks (my daughter’s tank and my tank), investigating all of the nooks and crannies, nuzzling in to get that last blood worm, peeking at each other through the dividers, and generally looking quite at home.

With many thanks,

S Ridley

Phil both Axolotls are doing well  
by Tim June 03, 2011


Both Axolotls are doing well since they arrived. The package they arrived in offered protection during their delivery. Our daughter is proud of her pet salamanders. She named the brown one “Pebbble” and the white one “Pinky”. She feeds them twice weekly and shows them to friends and family who visit. She talks about salamanders at school and brings home amphibian library books. We have them in a 10 gallon tank with a center divider. The water is filtered and changed weekly. After reading your on-line information, we added sand to the aquarium floor and 1/2 of a PVC pipe 4″ by 5″ for shelter for each salamander. We have considered adding a couple of plants.

Thank You,


Phil thanks for such an smooth transaction
by Carlos May 15, 2011


Thanks for such an smooth transaction. Our four axolotls arrived very perky and are already eating.


My Axolotls are doing great!!!
by Charlotte April 25, 2011

Mr. Vena,

Just wanted to let you know the axolotls are doing great!!! They arrived on time and they both had a rosy minnow snack when they arrived. Thank you very much. I will be recommending you to future axolotl owners.

Thank you,


Phil the axolotls came in healthy and lively! 
by Monica March 23, 2011

Philip Vena,

The axolotls came in healthy and lively! I was very pleased to see them packaged carefully, and shipped quickly. They started to eat the
very same day, and are doing wonderfully!

All of their fingers are intact, and they look as healthy as can be. Thanks for a smooth transaction,

I’d recommend to all those looking to buy axolotls.

Thankful Customer,


I can definitely say that I an very happy with my axolotl
by Nicole February 20, 2011

I can definitely say that I am very happy with my axolotl. My boyfriend was unsure what an axolotl was until it arrived; now he’s completely in love with it as much as I am. It arrived in good health with all its limbs and I can say that it is very active with tons of personality. I greatly appreciate it and will be looking to purchase another one in the near future. Thank you again.

Very Respectfully,


They’re absolutely wonderful Many thanks, Phil
by Aura January 19, 2011

Phil is a real pleasure to deal with. He answered any and all questions in a timely manner, and the packaging of his axolotls was great. They came before noon the next day, packaged in their own individual bags, which were then settled into packing peanuts in a huge Styrofoam box. All of the axolotls came in pristine condition, not a single scratch on them, and are healthy to this day. They eat like pigs, they’re spoiled like children, and they’re absolutely wonderful.

Many thanks, Phil!


The class loves our Axolotls
by Rachel December 2, 2010

The class loves our Axolotls. They arrived healthy and fast. Thank you so much Philip! I would definitely order from you in the future.

Thanks again,


Axolotls are wonderful and amazing creatures
by Adam November 20, 2010

Phil is a great axolotl dealer. I have gotten 2 axolotls from him recently and both arrived beautiful, in good shape and in very good spirits. I highly recommend Phil to anyone who wants to get a hold of these wonderful and amazing creatures. He was kind and patient enough to answer all my questions and he gave and continues to give you 100% full support!!!

“When you give Phil Vena a little, you get a LOTL.”


Great Purchasing Experience!
by Bill Shipman October 11, 2010

The Axolotls are perfect healthy and happy. Very fast shipping. Thank you very much would do business again in the future.

Thank you very much.

William Shipman

I Love my Axies!
by Meghan September 11, 2010

I have ordered twice from Philip at for a total of three axolotls (2 wild type, 1 leucistic). They are all amazing! They are in perfect health, the sex I requested, and obviously very cute. Shipping was never a problem and most importantly, if I ever had a problem with my axolotl and his health, Phil was open for me to e-mail him and call him anytime. I truly appreciate his services (and goods) and am glad there is someone out there who is helping to save our axolotls. I’m still trying to figure out how to upload pictures of them. Next time I need an axolotl (which is becoming increasingly frequent…I am like a cat lady with axolotls) I will only look here.

Thanks Phil,


My Axolotls arrived in perfect shape
by jfaymond August 19, 2010

Just wanted to give a quick thanks to you Philip for all the help both in Emails and over the phone in helping me to get a Axolotl for my daughter on such short notice.
For anyone contemplating getting a Axolotl this is a very knowledgeable breeder who will not only tell you the great things about these animals but also the things to help you make your decision on whether or not this is a animal for you. The shipping is very fast so you better have everything ready to go when you place your order. My Axolotls arrived in perfect shape and has thrived from day one with Philips directions on caring for it.

Thanks again for a great buying experience,


Phil is patient enough to answer my emails with questions!
by jlsweeney July 23, 2010

I am going off to college and was looking for a college pet that wasn’t just the typical fish. Not only was this site the most helpful in broadening my knowledge on the animal it also has a page dedicated to people thinking about axolotls as college pets. I was very impressed with the amount of information on this site and how everything was clearly explained. My axolotl was shipped over night from IL to CT I received it in perfect health. She’s now swimming around exploring the logs and air powered skeleton I have in the tank, enjoying her name: Mufasa. Some of my friends call her mud-kip after the Pokemon because she looks like an albino one.   It’s very easy to see the effort that Philip Vena put into caring for these animals. Phil is patient enough to answer my emails with questions about my little one and makes it very clear how knowledgeable he is about them. Seriously-

Thank You.

Great axolotl purchase experience
by Phyfe7515 June 18, 2010

I recently purchased two axolotls from Phil. He lives close to me and was more than willing to meet with me for a q&a session before I even purchased mine. He is incredibly knowledgeable and provided me with great information and advice. He offered to answer any questions that I had about my little guys if I ever needed some help. Three weeks after buying them, my axolotls are flourishing in their new tank! They are very cute, healthy, and active- it’s awesome to watch them eat!

Thanks again,


Super purchasing experience!!!
by Susan May 26, 2010

I have purchased 5 axolotls from Phil (for me and my co-workers who got jealous after seeing mine in action as classroom tools) and the service has been prompt and professional with utmost care taken for the animals. In addition, he is a store house of information for axolotl husbandry. If any of my friends are interested in axolotls I direct them to Phil’s website to check it out.

You Rock!


I could not have been happier
by golfjunky April 27, 2010

During the late 90s I inherited 2 Axolotls from a College Dorm room. At the time I didn’t even know what they were. They were adults when I got them and both lived 6 more years. I knew when job and living arrangements allowed I would add Axolotls to my family again. As I began researching recently I discovered Phil Vena. As I’m on the east coast I was very nervous about timely delivery and how stressed the Axolotls would be when they did arrive. Gotta tell you. Phil went out of his way to work around the tax day mail and when my pair arrived, overnight right on schedule, I could not have been happier. Not only were the male and female in excellent condition, they were as calm and relaxed as any of my other group of oddball family members. The male was actually taking minnows from my fingers on his second day here.

Once again Phil, Thank you, it’s clear the pair have been raised in a stress free environment and not only will I be adding to my own family again soon, I will definitely recommend anyone worth of Axolotls your way.

Don P Connecticut

Ben & Jerry.. My new Axolotls
by Tracy March 22, 2010

I received my new Axolotls this Saturday. They are so cute and love their new home. Dealing with Phil was terrific because he answered all my questions, and my pain-in-the-butt emails when I was worried about their arrival. He assured me that they would arrive safely and they did. I got one Albino and one wild one. If I ever get more of them..I will only deal with Phil and

Axolotl Purchase
by Bam February 20, 2010

Excellent breeder of Water Dragons (Axolotls). I bought two pairs and they arrive in beautiful condition. Excellent communication and shipping of the Axolotls.

She is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL !!!   Purchased a Near Perfect  Pink Leucistic Axolotl – Pink Body and Black eyes
By Luciana January 19, 2010

Thank you so much!


Just can’t wait for the black one.

I’ll send you some pictures soon

Have a wonderful day!


Great Purchase!!!
by dinger6   December 01, 2009

I owned 2 of these several years ago and knew a little about them. I found the website quickly when searching online. I purchased 6 and they arrived in excellent condition…This was a great buying experience. Thanks!!!!


Phil and my experience went perfect
by XxJackJeckelxX   November 11, 2009

I previously bought 2 juvenile axolotls from phil and my experience went perfect. i received my axolotls the day after he shipped them and they were very healthy and active. my 10 gal aquarium includes a sand bottom, drift wood, floating plants, large rocks, small aerator, and a sponge filter. i have only had them for a week and they already beg for food and swim up to the top for a taste worm. i cant wait for my babies to grow up, hopefully there will be no problems

Phil is so nice and sooooooo helpful! 
by Adam October 15, 2009

Hi there my names Adam

After stumbling on the axolotl I was destined to find one. After doing a google search I found this site. I noticed Phil is located 20 minutes away from me which made my decision of getting my axolotl a 100% For sure! Me and phil spoke over the phone for a little while and all I’ve got to say he is so nice and sooooooo helpful! I can’t wait make the drive to pick my first axolotl up, I’ll post pics when I get it in and all set up in the tank.

Thanks again Phil!

Love My Axolotl
by Janine September 02, 2009

I’m so happy I want with, Philip is very nice and has been a great help so far with all my stupid questions. I bought two males a golden albino and a wild colored one. they are the best and I can’t wait to get more in the future..

Thanks Philip your the best XD


live the life of celebrities!
By Ruth August 21, 2009

Thanks so much. Weekly water changes, I watch water temp, talk to them a lot, they live the life of celebrities!

I appreciate all your help.

A friend of mine wants to get some. I shared your site and advised her to read a lot about them. Advised her to not read on any other site because they will get a lot of false information.

If she orders from you I told her I would help her get set up so they are protected and safe.

They are an easy pet but a person needs to be vigilant with certain things.


My experience buying an axolotl
by Jay July 04, 2009

Hello everyone. My name is Jay.

I became totally fascinated with axolotls when I accidentally stumbled onto a web page featuring many pictures of them. Immediately, I researched local vendors and with my luck, I found and contacted the webmaster. With in days the axolotl was in my home, and three months later, it’s still alive and kickin’ (…figuratively). They’re VERY easy to take care of and they’re very curious, cute little things. And the best part is that they’ll grow and change into a brilliant color (depending on which one you use). I personally went with getting a white leucistic, which means it will turn white and red when it matures. If you ever have any questions about these little guys, just ask the vendor and he will definitely help you out. He’s always been good about helping me with every situation and issue involving my axolotl.

I will soon upload photos (and hopefully a video) of my axolotl. =)

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