Crimes Against Axolotls John P. Clare is a Chemistry Teacher, Not a Axolotl Breeder. The Founder of and is killing Axolotls

John P. ClareYou Bozo! Stop It!

Get The Proper Information Before Getting Your Water Dragon
Tella May 30, 2017

I am a costumer of Philip Vena from and I got my beautiful water dragon in March. I was very happy with my water dragon but he was not happy with me. I made many mistakes with my water dragon because I chose to listen to people who call themselves “experts” on axolotls. I would study my axolotl carefully and noticed my axolotl would get ill a lot because I was following websites like All of the information posted on that site is posted by random axolotl owners and not actual professional breeders like Philip Vena himself. I highly encourage any axolotl owner to follow the proper care instructions on The breeder Philip Vena has had experience with these creatures since 2001. He’s bred hundreds of water dragons. He has high knowledge of these animals. I was thankful because he responded to a phone call a few days ago and saved my axolotl. gave me a lot of false information and I was stressing my poor axolotl out to death. I put filters and aeration tubes that were stressing my axolotl. I also over fed him. Philip helped me by explaining everything I had to do immediately to save my axolotl. Please learn from my mistakes. If you’re making any of these mistakes please check the care instructions on or call Philip Vena himself if the damage is too much.
I hope this can help somebody!

There is nothing worse than a Bozo who states out of range temperature that an Axolotl cannot survive at

John P. Clare the Founder of and is a Chemistry Teacher, Not a Axolotl Breeder


So why is John P. Clare the Founder of and is a Chemistry Teacher, Not a Axolotl Breeder. He is Stating an out of range temperature that an Axolotl can not live at?  You Bozo, Stop it your killing Axolotls.

In the January 2011 issue of Reptile Magazine an article written by John P. Clare PhD is a Chemistry Teacher (Not a Axolotl Breeder), the Founder of on page 42 he states the following; “Axolotls require a water temperature below 75°F.” This is an out of range temperature and axolotl cannot survive at 74°F temperature. It’s like saying humans beings can live at 150°F temperature. 150°F is out of our temperature range we cannot survive at. No axolotl can live at temperatures above 72°F. Even at 72°F you are at the highest temperature that makes it extremely difficult for an axolotl to survive at. This is like saying that Humans can survive at 120°F. At 120°F Humans are at the very edge of the temperature range and will struggle to survive. Humans that are sick, old and young will die at 120°F. The proper Axolotl temperature is 68° and you can expect a full healthy life at this temperature or below. This Bozo also states a 74°F on his web site too, and 74°F at

John P. Clare (You Bozo) you need to apologize to the Axolotl Community especially for all Axolotls that died because of you posted the out of range temperature of 74°, that killed a lot of axolotls. John P. Clare, you need to make amends. You Bozo Stop It! You Are Killing Axolotls!


Contact Information:
John P. Clare
Chemistry Teacher (Not a Axolotl Breeder)
Cuyahoga Community College
700 Carnegie Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44115
Phone: 216-987-6000.
email address:

John P. Clare is a Chemistry Teacher

(Not a Axolotl Breeder), the author of, and the founder of and You Bozo! Stop It!  You Are Killing Axolotls! and is killing Axolotls  When a website either knows or should have known that they are posting information that kills Axolotls. Axolotls are an endangered species and this website is making them even more endangered by killing them. The Founder of this website is John P. Clare who is well known for publishing false information that will kill your axolotl. You Bozo! Stop It! You Are Killing Axolotls!

Why is and care instructions are killing Axolotls. and does not know the difference between a Fish and a Amphibian. and care instructions are for Fish not for the Axolotl which is an Amphibian. Axolotls are: Air Breathing Cold Blooded Amphibian. That is right John P. Clare, an Axolotl is an amphibian that breeds the air not the water.  Amphibians do not need the following; water conditioning, water parameters, and filters; this does not apply for air breathing amphibian. A Fish uses its gills to take in oxygen from the water; an amphibian (Axolotl) uses its lungs to take in oxygen form the air. and care instructions are for a Fish. and has the worst care instructions on the internet and are causing needless Axolotl deaths. John P. Clare is a Chemistry Teacher (Not a Axolotl Breeder), is the author of, and the founder of You Bozo Stop It! You Are Killing Axolotls!

Nothing worse than a Bozo knowingly posting wrong information that can kill an Axolotl. John P. Clare either knows his Axolotl information is wrong or should have known the information is was wrong before posting it on his web site.


This Bozo REFUSES to take it down. While killing more and more and more Axolotls.


More wrong Care Instructions from John P. Clare is a Chemistry Teacher (Not a Axolotl Breeder), the author of, and the founder of

Indiana University Axolotl Colony use a modified Holtfreter’s solution which leaves out the NaHCO3 and uses MgSO4 in the same weight. Typically, 40% or 50% is used for adults, and 20% for embryos.

I have also used another modified Holtfreter’s mix at 50% concentration. The modification is that I added MgSO4 in the same weight as NaHCO3 instead of replacing NaHCO3 as done by Indiana University Axolotl Colony. states the following:

What about the water? 
Water Dragons – Axolotl like Cold (57° to 68°F) Clean Water. If your water is safe for you to drink then it will be safe for an Axolotl that is 3 inches long or longer. At that age, your Axolotl’s lungs are fully develop and they are using their lungs to breathing air. However, if your water is not safe to drink then it would not be safe for your Axolotl. If you do not know if your water is safe to drink then check with your local government or have a laboratory do a test to see if you have safe drinking water.  You can also use water filters or a reverse osmosis water filter to make your water safe for drinking.

If you can use tap water for your water changes let the water run so that it gets as cold as possible. Whether you have a filter in your tank or not you still need do 90%water change once per week. It is better to change too much water than too little. By doing water changes every week this will help stop the build up of Ammonia, Nitrite and Nitrate levels in your tank. Ammonia (cause by the Water Dragon’s Urine) and the Nitrite and Nitrate (cause by the Water Dragon’s Waste and Rotting Food) that is in the water. If you do a water changes the 1 per week you will be removing 90% of the Ammonia, Nitrite and Nitrate in your aquarium. If you do not do a weekly water changes then the levels of Ammonia and Nitrite and Nitrate in your aquarium will reach levels that will kill your Water Dragon. So it very important that you do water changes 1 per week. Doing water changes each week will greatly extend the life of your Water Dragons – Axolotl.

Water Dragons – Axolotl have lungs like we do and are air breathers, unlike fish that has gills and would breathe the chlorine in the water. The chlorine will turn into a gas and be out of the tank within 24 hrs. By leaving the chlorine in your water it will kill any harmful bacteria and fungus that may be on the Water Dragons – Axolotl or in the tank.

One last point regarding chlorine, as you know swimming pools have chlorine levels that are 1,000s of times higher than drinking water. Can you please tell me how many people have died from swimming in chlorinated pools? Please include Babies and competitive Swimmer who swim up to 4 hrs per day in a chlorinated pool; in your total. …

And the ANSWER is NO … No person has ever die from swimming in a chlorinated pool, which has chlorine levels 1,000s of times higher than drinking water; because Water Dragons and Humans are air breather and use their lungs to breath the Air not the Water. By taking time to do water changes each week will greatly extend the life of your Water Dragons – Axolotl.

Are Chloramines safe for your Axolotl?
According to the EPA  Water that contains chloramines and meets EPA regulatory standards is safe to use for drinking, cooking, bathing and other household uses. If it is safe for you to drink it will be safe for an Axolotl. Chloramines are disinfectants used to treat drinking water. Chloramines are most commonly formed when ammonia is added to chlorine to treat drinking water. The typical purpose of chloramines is to provide longer-lasting water treatment as the water moves through pipes to consumers. This type of disinfection is known as secondary disinfection. Chloramines have been used by water utilities for almost 90 years, and their use is closely regulated. More than one in five Americans uses drinking water treated with chloramines.

You decide who is right?

More wrong Care Instructions from John P. Clare is a Chemistry Teacher (Not a Axolotl Breeder) the author of, and the founder of

Salt Solutions is NOT a treatment for Axolotl Fungus. Axolotl Fungus is a fast working fungus that can kill an Axolotl in 2 days. Salt Solutions take time to work and your Axolotl will not have the time for the Salt Solutions to work.

Here is what Recommends:

This is what states. (For USA) My Water Dragon (Axolotl) has a Fungus, which is a White Milky Substance called Columnaris Disease what should I do?
The cause of this Fungus is due to poor water quality and or the water temperature is too high.Water Dragons are prone to bacterial and fungus infections.

You need to have Fungus Medicine nearby because a Fungus can kill your Water Dragon in less than 2 days. First put you Water Dragon in a Sick Tank a plastic shoe box that you can buy at the dollar store. Then put the water level 1 inch above your Water Dragon head. Now draw a line where that water level is. Now pour the water in a measuring cup to find out how much water you need to treat. You need put the tank in the Refrigerator as soon as possible because this will slow down your Water Dragon’s metabolism and give more time to treat the fungus infection. You need to have a 2nd container that will hold the same amount of water and put that in the Refrigerator so when you do water change tomorrow  it will be at the same temperature (this way your Water Dragon will not be going up and down in temperature; going up and down in temperature will stress out your Water Dragon).

The best medication for a fungus infection the manufacturer is API and the product name is Pimafix you can buy this at your local Tropical Fish Store, PetSmart, or Petco. You can use Kanaplex; but you can only buy this on the Internet. The next best medicine is to buy Jungle Fungus Eliminator or Clear, these can be purchased at your local PetSmart, Petco or your local tropical fish store. I do not recommend that you use Maracyn 1 and 2 because of the over use and many infections do not respond to this medicine. Only use the amount that is stated on the medicine label that you are using. If you over medicate your Water Dragon it will Die. You need to do a 100% water change each day and add new medicine each day and put a Red Wiggler worm in with your Water Dragon as a source for food during your treatment. Add new medicine every day with your water change until your Water Dragon starts to eating the Red Wiggler worm. Now that your Water Dragon is eating again it is safe to take him out of the refrigerator. Before putting back in your aquarium you need to match the temperature of the water that is in the refrigerator; use ice to bring down your aquarium temperature down to match the refrigerator temperature. You can buy live Red Wiggler Worms at Walmart in fishing department to feed during this process.

What Care Instructions would you use Real Care Instructions or John P. Clare PhD is a Chemistry Teacher (Not a Axolotl Breeder), the Founder of  and Fake Care Instructions.

John P. Clare

The Axolotl is No Longer in the Wild and we cannot allow false information to be published that threaten the life of the Axolotl of the captive population.

You Bozo! stop posting wrong information that you know is wrong or should have known it was wrong information. You are Killing Axolotls.

Go to:

So what’s wrong with the 2nd picture?

First thing you see is that the bottom of the aquarium is sand. Sand and gravel is the number one killer’s of Axolotls. For the past 350 Million years Axolotls have lived in Lake Xochimilco which has no sand or gravel at the bottom of it. When an Axolotl eats a blood worm from the bottom of tank filled with sand or gravel they will get a mouthful of food and sand or gravel with every bite and they do not spit out the sand or gravel. When a Axolotl eats sand or gravel it will kill them and That Is A Fact They Will Die.

John P. Clare if you think that sand and gravel is safe for an Axolotl to eat, then you need to prove that sand and gravel is safe for humans too.. try eating it, Bozo. Do the test yourself eat a 1/2 cup of sand or gravel everyday. Please email me and let me know what it was like to pass sand in your stool the next day. (I’m sure it hurts a lot)  If you decide to do the test you will probably die from a sand or gravel clogging in your digestives track. This is a very painful way to die. This is not science, it’s just Common Sense…Something you are lacking. Now having said this, why would anybody recommend sand or gravel for the bottom of a Axolotl’s aquarium? John P. Clare if you think it’s safe for a Axolotl to eat sand or gravel then it Must Be Safe For YOU. RIGHT? Try the test yourself. Eat a half cup of sand or gravel per day and let’s see how long you live? You Bozo    Stop It! You Are Killing Axolotls!

You Bozo, Stop It!, You Are Killing Axolotls!

Secondly, you see live tropical plants.

Indian Fern Temperature: 68-78o F

Vallisneria – Temperature: 64-82° F

Java Moss – Temperature: 68-80° F

An Axolotl needs to be at a temperature of 68° or below to survive. Two of the three Tropical plants cannot survive in water temperatures that are below 68°. So why do we see these live tropical plants in this picture? You Bozo Stop, It! You Are Killing Axolotls!

The third issue is the light. Live tropical plants can only grow if they have a light source. By using an aquarium light you are producing heat which will raise the tank temperature and make it impossible for you to stay at 68° or below. So why do we see the aquarium light in this picture? You Bozo    Stop It! You Are Killing Axolotls!

Contact Information:
John P. Clare
Chemistry Teacher (Not a Axolotl Breeder)
Cuyahoga Community College
700 Carnegie Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44115
Phone: 216-987-6000.
email address:

I have invoked my First Amendment – Right to Freedom of Speech. This is only the opinion of Philip Vena. I believe it’s necessary to point out people, websites, and magazines that publish false information that threaten the lives of Axolotls. I hope that the Axolotl Community will apply peer pressure against these offenders to make them rethink their statements and make amends for his actions. The Axolotl is no longer in the Wild and we cannot allow false information to be published that threaten the life of the Axolotl in the captive population.

Any disputes arising out of or related to this Web Site – shall be governed by, and construed and enforced in accordance with, the laws of the State of Illinois and or any legal action taken against Vena must be held in DuPage County, Illinois.

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