Crimes Against Axolotls – Mexico City

Axolotls are now Extinct in the wild. The Mexican Government will not acknowledge the fact that the Axolotl are Extinct from the Wild. The reason why the Axolotl is Extinct was a man made problem; Water Pollution (Human Waste) found in the Water. Making the water safe and clean could have been done but the Mexican Government chose to do nothing to save the Axolotl. . . The Axolotl is also known as: Mexican Water Dragon

This video shows that there are no Axolotls in the Wild:

The Axolotl Are Now Extinct In The Wild

What is the reason why the Axolotls are extinct? It is because of Human Waste (Water Pollution) in the in the Canals of Xochimilco.

  • Who is responsible for the Axolotl going extinct in the wild? Luis Zambrano a Mexican government scientists, who over the years posted YouTube videos and never stated the real reason why the Axolotl was going extinct in the wild; Human Waste (Water Pollution) was in the in the Canals of Xochimilco
  • Luis Zambrano took part in a covered up to hide the fact why the Axolotl are extinct in the wild from Human Waste in the Water
  • In the end Luis Zambrano and the Mexican government did nothing to clean the Human Waste out of the Canals of Xochimilco
  • The Axolotl cannot be put back into Canals of Xochimilco until Human Waste is taken out the Canals of Xochimilco. There are no plans to clean Canals of Xochimilco

I have listed the contact information for Luis Zambrano below:

Luis Zambrano
Laboratorio de Restauración Ecológica
Instituto de Biología, UNAM
tel: (52) 55 56229148

fax: (52) 55 55500164

This video shows that there are no Axolotls in the Wild:

I need your help to save the Captive Breed Population of Axolotls, if they are to survive. Captive breed population of Axolotls will need to be outbreed to a large population of genetically diverse captive breed Axolotls Worldwide. The Axolotl is still listed under appendage 11 species in the CITES Appendices. This CITES is restricting Captive Breed Axolotl movements around the world. If the Captive Breed Axolotl population continues to be inbreed this will causing irreversible DNA damage to their DNA genome and will eventually the Captive Breed Axolotl will be extinct too.

Please help me telling the Mexican government that they needs to declare the Axolotl is extinct in the wild, so that the CITES restrictions can end for the Captive Breed Axolotls.

The Captive Breed Axolotls population needs to be genetically viable if they are to have any future. If we do nothing about the CITES then the Captive Breed Axolotls will be extinct too.

Please help me end the Mexico CITES: Please contact/email the person below:

Management Authority / Autoridad Administrativa / Organe de gestion

Yolanda Aurora Alaniz Pasini
Directora General de Vida Silvestre
Subsecretaría de Gestión para la Protección Ambiental
Secretaría de Medio Ambiente y Recursos Naturales (SEMARNAT)
Av. Ejercito Nacional 223, Nivel 13
Col. Anahuac,
Delegación Miguel Hidalgo
CP 11320, MÉXICO, D.F.

Tel: +52 (55) 56 24 33 06/09
Fax: +52 (55) 56 23 33 10
Email: yolanda.alaniz @

We Protect Axolotls,

Patrick                                                                                                   President of                                                            Phone: 1-630-390-7070 (Land Line no text messages)

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