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black4 is the World’s Best “All Axolotl Website” The Axolotl care instructions are complete, easy to understand, accurate and will not endanger the Axolotl’s life. We also explain the science behind our Axolotl care instructions. Axolotls are now Extinct in the wild. The Mexican Government will not acknowledge the fact that the Axolotl are Extinct from the Wild. The reason why the Axolotl is Extinct was a man made problem; Water Pollution (Human Waste) found in the Water. Making the water safe and clean could have been done but the Mexican Government chose to do nothing to save the Axolotl For more information Click Here  The Axolotl is also known as: Mexican Water Dragon.

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At we do not recommend that you use Sand or Gravel in your tank. Sand and Gravel is the number one killer of Water Dragons – Axolotls because they will eat it and they will die from eating it. If you eat a cup of Sand or Gravel every day, do you think you would have a Long Life? Probably not. Click here to see how to make a Safe Axolotl Tank

Below Are Fun Axolotls Youtube Videos:

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