Axolotl a College Pet?

Since 2001 Has Only Bred One Animal Species. That Is the Axolotl. By Staying Focus On The Axolotl Helps Us To Improve The Axolotl’s Health, Longevity and Beauty. We Will Continue To Stay True To Our Mission.

green is the World’s Best “All Axolotl Website” The Axolotl care instructions are complete, easy to understand, accurate and will not endanger the Axolotl’s life. We also explain the science behind our Axolotl care instructions.


Axolotls are now Extinct in the wild. The Mexican Government will not acknowledge the fact that the Axolotl are Extinct from the Wild. The reason why the Axolotl is Extinct was a man made problem; Water Pollution (Human Waste) found in the Water. Making the water safe and clean could have been done but the Mexican Government chose to do nothing to save the Axolotl For more information Click Here 


The Axolotl is also known as: Mexican Water Dragon.

We Protect Axolotls,

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Since 2001 Axolotls Are The Only Spices We Breed

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The Possession of Water Dragons (Axolotls) is illegal in the State of California (CA) and New Jersey (NJ); also we do not ship to Hawaii because we do not have the necessary Hawaiian permit.

Is a Water Dragon (Axolotl) a good college pet?
If you live in a dorm you may want to take a look at a Water Dragon (Axolotl) for a pet. Water Dragons are one of the best and most enjoyable aquatic amphibians. They live their entire life in water (100%). Water Dragons are eye-catching in appearance; they are hardy and very entertaining too, which makes it one of the most incredible pets in the world today. A Water Dragons has a bizarre appearance and facial expression has no equal in the animal world. Water Dragons look like an alien and have a very bold personality, readily to learn to take food from fingers or tweezers. They are easy to keep and are ideal for a 10 gallon aquarium. Providing you maintain the proper water conditions and temperature they can live up to 15 years. Water Dragons are very popular right now as an “unusual pet” and are a lot more interesting and fun than just having fish in an Aquarium. Water Dragons do not bite, have no claws and do not require safety measures as some other pets do. Water Dragon requires about the same amount of attention as a fish, however, they are a lot more interesting and a lot more intelligent than a fish is. Watching them eat is pretty cool too. Water Dragons are easy to care for and a great experience you will enjoy.

We Protect Axolotls,

President of                                                       Phone: 1-630-390-7070 (Land Line no text messages)


Since 2001 Axolotls Are The Only Species We Breed

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