How Do You Breed Your Axolotls?

How Do You Breed Your Axolotls?

Glossary of Breeding Terms

Outbreeding  Is the mating of unrelated individuals, which often produces more vigorous offspring than the parents are in terms of growth, survival, and fertility

Inbreeding  Is the mating of Brother to Sister

Line Breeding  Is the mating of Uncle to Nice or Aunt to Nephew

You need to avoid Water Dragons (Axolotls) with genetic problems.  These genetic problems happen when a Breeder is Inbreed or Linebreed. Water Dragon with genetic problems will also have heath problems for their entire life. You do not want to be on this emotional roller coaster ride. If the Breeder doesn’t state that the Water Dragon is Outbreed or cross breed then you are probably buying a Water Dragon that has been Inbreed or Linebreed. So ask the question who are the parents? If they tell you that both parents are the same color then the breeder is probably selling you a Inbreed or Linebreed Water Dragon. Buying a improperly breed Water Dragon with genetic problems; will only cause your Water Dragon a life time of heath problems.


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